KSI Newsletter: November 2018

Curious about what’s going on in KSI this November? Look no further! Here are this month’s events – plus links – so YOU can get involved!

November is here!

The Marketing and News Departments have outlined this month’s main events! Don’t hesitate to click on links and register for community events. If you’re not sure how to get involved, message a Department Head or Co-Head and we can point you in the right direction!

Click on this link: Department Operations Staff

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Turkey Bowl 2018

Gobble, gobble, gobble! Turkey Bowl is right around the corner! Click on any of the events to get registered and see your competition. 

Event Schedule


So You Think You Can Write

November’s topic is “2018 KSI Reflections”. Think over the past year you’ve spent in KSI – or less, depending – and answer our three SYTYCW questions. Remember that all entries earn points for your division towards the 2018 Divisional Cup!

Click here to make your submission: SYTYCW – November 2018

Performance Operations

PO Applications

Interested in becoming a KSI Performance Officer? Applications are open through November 19th.

Performance Officers are experienced leaders in the community who have been placed at the forefront of education in divisions. They are responsible for peer mediation, mentoring, critical thinking and conflict resolution within Clan Ops.

Go here to apply: Performance Officer Application

Requirements: Successful performance in the community as a Clan Ops 7, past or current.

CDC Applications

Ever thought of joining the Community Development Committee? Applications are always open. The CDC is a committee consisting of knowledgeable leaders throughout the community with the goal of increasing the basic and advanced knowledge of all members. Their mission is to create content for and constantly improve the guides, workshops, and other educational materials used in the community. The CDC Staff work hand in hand with the Performance Officers.

Go here to apply: Community Development Committee Application

Discussion Of The Month

We want your opinions! Head to the Performance Operations section now! The discussion topic for November is “Member Retention”. How does your own division promote effective member retention? When is it considered important to make sure member retention is successful? Who’s responsibility IS member retention?

Go to this link to give your feedback: PO Discussion Of The Month

History, Statistics & Information

HSI Applications

Interested in joining the History, Statistics and Information Department? Applications are open through November 21st.

The mission of the HSI Department is to ensure that KSI’s history, statistics and information are recorded so that future leaders may look back and appreciate the individuals who impacted this community. HSI Staff are experienced members who form strong relationships with Clan Ops leaders for the purpose of assisting in the preservation of divisional history.

Click here to apply: HSI Application


Meta Awards

Members can now earn Meta Awards for the number of awards they already have! Go to the AAP section to post your self-nominations today. For more information on Meta Awards and the different award tiers, click this link: AAP Meta Awards

Of The Year Awards

It’s November, which means the Of The Year Awards are coming up! Be thinking about awesome fellow members you want to nominate. Keep your eyes on the AAP section  – OTY’s open this coming Friday the 16th!

Tournaments & Events

Weekend Warfare

Are you a competitive player? Want to test your skill against other try-hards in the community? Weekend Warfare might be your jam!

Register for Weekend Warfare events by clicking on these links:

Head Hunters: 2019 Season

Head Hunters is an internally hosted season designed to spark friendly rivalry among divisions, while simultaneously giving our more competitive players a venue to show off their skills and represent their divisions in a chance to earn the season title. Members have the opportunity to vote on which game(s) are utilized for the upcoming Head Hunters season!

Go here to vote: Head Hunters Game Selection Poll


Clip & Montage Event

Make your submissions today! This event started on the 7th and is open through the 21st. Head to the Productions section to submit your Short Clip or Montage and earn points toward the Div Cup!

Click on this link to enter: Short Clip & Montage Submissions


Signature Of The Week

Be on the look out for these! Compare your skills to others in the Graphics Department and around the community. Do your best and learn to improve as you go. Signature of the Week events will be announced in the Graphics Department section, so keep an eye out!

Divisional Cup Schedule: November 2018

Double Points

Events on the first day of Turkey Bowl (11/23) are worth DOUBLE POINTS! So are Divisional Milestones for the month of November. If your division needs to rack up some Div Cup points quickly, these are two ways to do it!

Current Divisional Standings

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If you have an questions or need any additional information, please contact KSI December 77 or KSI Nebula 7 

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