KSI Newsletter: June 2019

June’s Newsletter is here! Read it, stay informed, and get involved within the community. (Spirit Week hype is mandatory.)

What’s up awesome people! June is here. Spirit Week is rolling toward us. We have a lot planned this month. Check it out.

2019 Divisional Cup

Two months down, seven more to go. April and May have left us with a good idea as too which divisions plan on being major players in the Div Cup this year. That being said, it’s never too late to make up some points! Keep track of the DOUBLE POINTS category each month.

Here are the point totals for each division so far:

Current Div Cup Standings

  • Dark Legions: 118
  • Demonic Mayhem: 144
  • Divine Warriors: 154
  • Eternal Souls: 234
  • Last Strike: 46
  • Sovereign Legacy: 128
  • Wicked Destruction: 140

Here’s a snapshot of all the ways members can earn Div Cup points in June:

June 2019 Divisional Cup Schedule

The DOUBLE POINTS category for June is “Clan Ops Officer & Growth Ratios”! Speak with your squad General or Divisional Leadership to learn how you can help contribute to this.

For a detailed explanation of the Div Cup process and all the ways to get involved, please go here: 2019 Divisional Cup Events

Wicked Destruction – Season Champions

This recent Black Ops 4 Head Hunters season is over now. We’d like to congratulate the team from Wicked Destruction for their amazing games and hard-fought victory. Shoutout to these WD team members:

  • KSI Zelus
  • KSI Hypes
  • KSI Folkstyle
  • Brutal Eraze
  • KSI Deimos
  • KSI LostHyperon
  • KSI x Desolate
  • KSI xItachi
  • Crispea
  • Death escapes12
2019 Black Ops 4 Head Hunters Champions

Spirit Week 2019

We have dates! We have games! It’s on, people.

Check out the Official Spirit Week 2019 Event Schedule here!

Day 1 (6/19)

  • UNO – Online (play.unofreak.com)
  • Prominence Poker – 7’s Tournament

Day 2 (6/20)

  • Black Ops 4 – Hardcore Domination
  • Black Ops 4 – Hardcore S&D
  • Black Ops 4 – Knives Only

Day 3 (6/21)

  • Rainbow Six Siege – Bomb
  • Rainbow Six Siege – Secure Area
  • Karaoke Night

Day 4: (6/22)

  • Rocket League
  • Halo 5 – Swat
  • Overwatch – Mystery Heroes

Day 5: (6/23)

  • Minecraft Build-off Judging
  • Closing Ceremony
Spirit Week 2019

Department Operations


We’d like to congratulate KSI xMinion on her new role as Editor In Training!

June’s SYTYCW topic is “Your KSI Dinner Party”. Who would you invite to dinner if you could pick seven people? Even dead people. (They’d be alive at dinner. You know what I mean.) Write a submission AND earn points for your division. Head to the News section to post today!

June 2019 SYTYCW

Social Media

KSI’s third Twitter Blitz will start on June 16th and run through June 18th! During these three days right before Spirit Week, participate in the Twitter Blitz to earn Div Cup points for your division! Add the KSI Twitter handle – @KSIGlobalGaming – and reply to the Twitter Blitz topic when it goes live. Members will only have these three days to earn points for their division by participating.


We’d like to extend HUGE congratulation to KSI AIRBORNE for his promotion to the Head of AAP!


SOTW Week 4 – Pirates!

  • Submissions need to be sent to KSI Dragons 7 via a DM on the forums or over Discord (Dragons#7954).

Signature of the Week – SotW is a weekly or biweekly art competition that has varying themes. (The process for the SotW that is currently running is biweekly.) 9 days for entries and 4 for votes. The 5th day is for the winner to decide on the new theme. Normally, we require all artist on the team to attempt and we are trying to encourage the community to get involved whether they make entries or vote. This year, SotW has been added to the Div Cup event roster and the point values are 3 for winning, 2 for entries, and 1 for votes. To get your point for voting you MUST comment and explain why you voted. Keep your eye on the Graphics section for more information!


  • Clips & Montage Event – June’s Clip and Montage Submission Event is open until June 24th. Make sure to post some of your best Clips and Montages to earn your Division points for Div Cup 2019. (When submitting, any content that is currently used on your personal YouTube or contains content under a gamertag that is not yours will not be accepted.)
  • Points Possible Per Member
    • 3 points (1 clip , 1 Montage)
    • 2 Points (2 clips OR 1 Montage)
    • 1 Point ( 1 Clip)
  • Remember this all counts toward participation within the community! If a person submits a clip and a montage they could potentially gain 3 participation points, 1 point for the clip and 2 points for the montage, keep that in mind. So get involved! Message our Productions Co-Head – KSI Bane 7 – for more information.
June 2019 Clips & Montage Event

Tournaments & Events

The T&E Department would like to welcome its newest group of staff members:

  • KSI CR4ZYJ4Y89
  • KSI Vonner 7
  • KSI UppishB592
  • KSI ShadowV
  • KSI Kaos Reaper
  • KSI Deimos
  • KSI BinGin1913

We’d also like to congratulate KSI Gambit 7 on his promotion to Head of Tournaments & Events and KSI Galahad 7 on his promotion to Co-Head of Tournaments & Events!

The T&E Department is hiring! If you’re interested in running tournaments for the community, setting up competition brackets and working closely with the Productions team – go apply today!

Visit the Join A Department section to fill out a T&E Application!

Keep your eyes on the T&E section for Weekend Warfare signups as they are posted! This weekend is Mortal Kombat XI on Saturday 6/8. Sign up today!

For more information about any of these events or about the KSI Newsletter, please message KSI December 77.

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