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KSI Newsletter: December 2018

Here are December’s events! Represent your division by getting involved in the community! Plus, it’ll make Santa proud. Really proud.

It’s December, baby!

The Marketing and News Departments have outlined this month’s main events! Don’t hesitate to click on links and register for community events. If you’re not sure how to get involved, message a Department Head or Co-Head and we can point you in the right direction!

Click on this link: Department Operations Heads & Co-Heads

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News Team Applications

News Team applications are open! We’re looking for upbeat and open-minded members. If you’re interested in joining a fast-paced department, head to the Join A Department section and apply! Applications close on 12/19.

News Team Application – Click Here

So You Think You Can Write

December’s topic is “Top 5 Christmas Songs”.  We want to know the Christmas songs you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT. We’ll be judging submissions based on originality, creativity and whether or not you include Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas”. (Don’t. It’s an instant disqualification.) Good luck!! Get your jingle on.

This month, SYTYCW submissions earn DOUBLE POINTS for the 2018 Divisional Cup!

Click here to make your submission: SYTYCW – December 2018


Of The Year Awards

Of The Year’s are open! It’s the perfect opportunity to nominate fellow members you feel deserve special recognition for their contributions to the community over the past year. Nominations close on Sunday the 16th. Head to the AAP section today!

Click here to submit your OTY nominations: Of The Year Nominations


Happy Hour

Happy Hour is a weekly gamenight open to the entire community! It is live-streamed on our KSILive Twitch channel. This month, Happy Hour has some awesome streams planned. (All Happy Hours are at 9:00pm EST)

December 14th – PUBG

  • Panel hosts: KSI MeShell 7, KSI FireHeart 7, KSI Galalalala and KSI Bane 7. We’ll be playing Custom Games. Sign-ups are in the Community Events Section. Go register today!

December 21st – Destiny 2

  • Panel hosts: KSI FireHeart 7, KSI Galalalala, and KSI MeShell 7

Clip & Montage Event

December Clip and Montage submissions are open until 12/22! Remember, each clip submitted gets you 1 point (2 submissions per member max) and each montage gets you 2 points (1 submission per member max). (Please don’t use content on your personal social media prior to submitting it. Gamertag evidence must be included in the clip or montage at some point)

Click on this link to enter: Short Clip & Montage Submissions

Performance Operations

Discussion Of The Month

We want your opinions! Head to the Performance Operations section now! The discussion topic for December is “Goals For 2019”. What goals have you set for yourself as a member or officer? What goals do you have in regards to your squad and division? What about your department? Tell us how how you’ll achieve them!

Go to this link to give your feedback: PO Discussion Of The Month

History, Statistics & Information

Spotlight Awards

Spotlight Award nominations will be open from December 17th through December 23rd. Keep your eyes on the AAP section for the nomination thread! Spotlight Winners receive the Spotlight forums award, are interviewed by HSI staff and have an article written about them and published on! Stay tuned for more information!

Tournaments & Events

Weekend Warfare

Are you a competitive player? Want to test your skill against other try-hards in the community? Weekend Warfare might be your jam!

Register for Weekend Warfare events by clicking on these links:


Signature Of The Week

Be on the look out for these! Compare your skills to others in the Graphics Department and around the community. Do your best and learn to improve as you go. Signature of the Week events will be announced in the Graphics Department section, so keep an eye out!

Divisional Cup Schedule: December 2018

Double Points

Crank up the Christmas tunes! December’s SYTYCW earns you DOUBLE POINTS this month. Head to the News section to make your submission today!

December’s SYTYCW – Click Here

Current Divisional Standings

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Questions? Hit up KSI December 77 or KSI Nebula 7 

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