Knowledge, Strength, Integrity

Who are we? What does “KSI” stand for”? Come read Harmony 7’s thoughts on what makes this gaming community special!

Who Are We?

KSI is a positive gaming community. Its members all work individually to uphold its standard of leadership and its values. Part of being in this community is also working together towards a common goal. We do this in many ways.

We are there for each other when hard things happen in our personal and gaming lives. We understand that real life comes first but we all find comfort in the fact that KSI has been here for us. If we need to step away and handle life there is a reassurance that KSI will be there when you come back.

The values we live by are all important to those of us in this community. Our values are in the name in which we fly in our KSI Gamertags. In order to enjoy KSI and in order to enjoy your time here we all must as leaders, and as members follow our values written in the name. Here are some ways:


The “K” in KSI stands for Knowledge. Knowledge is the key to a great leader; it’s how we empower those around us. Knowledge is a way to achieve greatness in this community. In order to become a mentor, you must pass on wisdom and equip yourself with as much information as possible. The only thing better then obtaining this knowledge is sharing it with your peers, with those around you, and with your family. Share knowledge and seek it always.

A great place to obtain knowledge about KSI is The Clan Ops Information Center. The Performance Operations section is absolutely full of KSI knowledge as well. A compilation of information has been formed in this area to present in workshops designed specifically to share knowledge throughout Clan Operations.

Seek Knowledge through your leadership in your respective division, your friends, your General and your 7’s. Pick their brains for information. The more you know the more you can help pave the pathway for our future leaders!


Strength can present itself in many forms. The biggest way I see it in this community is through unity. We are strong as long as we are united in our squads and divisions. We have security measures we take to strengthen our defense against those who wish us negativity. We are strong because we have people who have been through a lot and survived. We have strength because we all come together for a common goal. KSI has Strength in countless ways –  we will continue to grow infinitely because of that strength.


Out of all the three letters that make up “K-S-I”, integrity best describes who you are as a person. If you made a mistake, do you own up to it? Integrity is speaking up when someone isn’t abiding by the CoC. Not because you want to be recognized but because it is the right thing to do. A person with integrity tries to do the right thing above all else. Sure we mess up. Sure we will make mistakes. Integrity allows us to survive our flaws and own up to our problems.

KSI Unity

Overall we are all part of one KSI. We all uphold the Code of Conduct as we recognize the values in our names, on our websites and in our bio’s on Xbox. We uphold and solidify the values we stand for and we are what keeps this community strong.

Remember what Uncle Ben once said: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

So use that power. Use your strength! And ultimately, maintain your Integrity through the tough situations. Remember what these three letters stand for – Knowledge, Strength, Integrity.


– Article by KSI Harmony 7

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