KSI Luci Lux 7’s Road to B.o.D.

A brief history of KSI Luci Lux 7 and his path to the KSI Board of Directors.

KSI Luci Lux 7 joined KSI on Sept. 14, 2010. KSI Robin Smith recruited him into Phantom, LS.

When he joined LS, there were leaders who were becoming notable and were already showing that they would be amazing leaders. KSI Chaos 7, KSI Bacchus 7, KSI Rebellion 7, KSI QueenJess 7, KSI Voodooman 7 were a few of the names of those notable leaders.

Luci started in Phantom, LS as RCT and made it to PVT. He transferred to Pandora, LS for a short period of time as a CPL in Pandora, LS.

Pandora was shut down, forcing members to merge back into Phantom, LS.

After a month, Luci changed his gamer tag to a KSI tag and attained the rank of a SGT, then managed to get onto the Headhunters team.

At first, Luci was quiet and reserved. When he finally came out of his shell, he began to correct people who were out of uniform or breaking rules. This behavior called for attention from leaders. This prompted QueenJess to promote Luci to 2LT.

Phantom split to form Encore, LS, which was founded with 9 people. The squad split with Luci as a 1CPT, where he ranked up under his general and his major, KSI Prequels and KSI Gigantor, respectively.

While in Encore, LS, Luci was the Forge Team Founder, the HH Founder, and the SWAT TEAM Founder.
After much hard work, he made it up to LS Co-Founder, then Founder.

Luci joined the AAP, and at some point was AAP CO-HEAD. He became BOE CHIEF of INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS (CIA).

Luci resigned from his position as Co-Division Leader due to a 3 month Holiday on 07/01/2011. When he came back, he made it up to Founder. However, he was rank suspended on 11/10/2011. This caused him to completely retire from clan ops.

At the same time, he became a Forum Moderator on 07/09/2011, then BOE Director of Community affairs (DCA). He chose to resign on 11/02/2011 because he was “tired of BS.”

Against all odds, he helped to form the Light Bringer Division, Jan 2012. LB started with only two squads, Bane and Ruawr.

In terms of forums staff history, Luci was Senior Forum staff (GM). He says, “I quit after 1 to many times of people pissing around with my account. I had issues with anger management at that point.” However, he became Senior Forum staff again.

Luci received a promotion to Co-Division leader of LB 03/04/2012. He says, “I think I was asleep for this one. KSI Chaos 7 tried 3 times to promote me. I fell asleep twice and the 3rd time, I was barely awake for it to actually be official.”

The BOE merged into the BOD, and Luci was inducted as a Hall of Fame member as of April 2012.

Then, he was promoted to Division Leader of LB on 05/18/2012, which he actually fought against because he did not believe that he had earned it.

Surprisingly enough, Luci became a director on 07/02/2012. During his time as a Director,  he was over LB, DR, CO, LS, and ET.

On 12/05/2012, he stepped down as a Director in Clan ops due to his heart not really being in clan ops anymore. That very day, he accepted the position of CIO: Chief Information Officer.

As of January 2014, Luci was being trained as a baby admin, which meant that he was responsible for updating the leader’s lists and department group accesses on the forums. He claims that he loved to organize.

As of today, Luci is User Admin Support on the forums and is responsible for making sure that our websites are running smoothly and efficiently.

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