KSI Head Hunters: Championship Game

Our Head Hunters Season has sadly come to a close. Come see who’s taken home the bragging rights of the “BO4 HH Champions 2019”, covered by KSI TexAngel 7.

In The Beginning

When we started the Head Hunters Season on Black Ops 4, there were 7 Divisional teams. After a heart pounding season of ups and downs, the after affects leaving a wake of terror were Dark Legions vs Wicked Destruction. These two teams fought hard exceptionally hard to get to the postseason finals.

Head to Head

Match One and Two

Dark Legions had a slow start in Team Deathmatch. There was no stopping Wicked Destruction’s push to win the match. Rolling into Hardpoint, Dark Legions started strong as they have all season, and looked like they were going to run away with it. But like the rest of the season, you never count your chickens until they hatch. Wicked Destruction started to push back, coming from a 30 plus point deficit to take the win.

Match Three

As we moved into the third match of the evening the game was Search and Destroy. This was an edge of your seat kind of game. It was back and forth between both teams. Just when you thought Wicked Destruction was going to run away with the win Dark Legions came from behind to take the win.

Match Four

The final match of Control went to Wicked Destruction, and with that they took the win and the Championship! Dark Legions played hard and gave their all for their Division. To see Dark Legions finish 2nd and be the only team to give Wicked Destruction a loss in the regular season is a great accomplishment all in its own.

KSI Divisional HeadHunter Champions

  • KSI Zelus
  • KSI x Desolate
  • KSI Hype
  • KSI LostHyperen
  • KSI Deimios
  • Crispea  

2nd Place Team:

  • KSI Dundarrach
  • KSI Follow
  • KSI DropShot 7
  • KSI ShadowV
  • KSI Shadow045
  • KSI SiddsGODL3Y

This season of HeadHunters was a crazy season. All of KSI’s Divisions gave their all and played amazingly. The Productions Team lent us some awesome streamers to put up with us and hang out. KSI Gambit 7 was a great giver of his money and his shenanigans. Thank you to all the Divisions, Team Captains, Team Managers and the teams for an awesome season. A special thank you to T&E for running Head Hunters and the News Team for all of their weekly coverage!

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