KSI Graphic Design

Ever wonder where our members get their fancy smancy pics for the forums and Xbox? Enter Graphics Dept. Come see what they do and how to get the hook up!

Graphic Design

Within KSI there are many Departments that keep our community up to par. One of these depts that some members seem to forget about is Graphic Design, lead by Department Head KSI Dragons 7. Whether is be making Xbox or Forums pictures, awards used within the Forums and Community Events, or even Department pictures, the Graphics Dept is a highly used and needed Department within KSI.

What They Do

Gamer Pics

Probably the most requested forms for Graphics is for Xbox, Twitter and Forums profile pictures. With this, members can use the Request Form and Help section within the Graphics Dept on the Forums to get what they specifically want. Here, you can choose your picture, text, whether to have the KSI Logo, and any other comments on it. It’s like Burger King, you can have it your way! Just make sure that you have 20 NON SPAM posts on the Forums before you submit your request! Below, we have an example of a Twitter profile picture.

Forums Awards

As a community, we host a vast amount of Community Events, to include Spring Break, Spirit Week and Weekend Warfare. Members also host Certified Workshops, and have the ability to apply on the AAP section of the forums for awards pertaining to all of these and many, many more. (These can be found in the Browse section under Awards). The Graphics Dept makes all of the awards, Divisional banners and Milestones found on the Forums, and they can be requested via the request section as well! Below are several examples of Forums Awards.

Signature Of The Week

Now Graphics isn’t an all work and no play Department. They have plenty of fun, and an example of this would be their Signature Of The Week. With this members of the community submit an original piece of work that they have made. Judges then vote on their top 3 favorites, and the highest voted one wins. The winner then gets to choose the next weeks theme for the SOTW. Entries for the SOTW also count towards Div Cup points for each respective Division member that enters. The same concept goes along with their Graphics Battles, except it’s members of the Graphics Dept who go head to head. An example of each contest is shown below.


Picture Perfect

No matter the situational need, the Graphic Design Department is there. If you ever find yourself in need of a killer pic of any style, don’t hesitate to hit the Graphics team up. They are always willing and ready to combat anything you throw their way, and are only one click away. Just head over to the Graphics Section of the Forums, fill out the request form, and you’re good to go!

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