KSI Head Hunters: All-Stars

This seasons Black Ops 4 Head Hunters is almost at an end. Now it’s time for the All-Stars showdown! Come see who made the team and where to get updates!

After a long wait, the All-Stars of this seasons Black Ops 4 Head Hunters have been announced. These are the best of the best, massively sweaty and great players. They have brought it each week for their respective divisions and teams. All of the members played hard and gave us some great games that we had the privilege to stream and watch. This seasons All-Stars match will be held on Friday, May 10th, starting promptly at 8pm EST.

KSI Dropshot 7

KSI ShadowV

KSI Dundarrach

KSI Shadowo45


KSI TrueGhost

KSI Salty Wifi

KSI Brownie


KSI Torch096


KSI Cable

Brutal Eraze x

KSI Deimos

KSI LostHyperen


Congratulations to everyone who made the All-Stars team from this BO4 season! We look forward to seeing the big game that we know you all will put out! Thank you to all of the participants who turned out and made this seasons Head Hunters a success!

Keep an eye on the KSI Twitter and Global News sites for game times, stats, and updates on the All-Stars and Post season matches. And don’t forget that you can watch all of these matches streamed live on our Twitch! Hope to see a massive turn out in support of all our members!

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