KSI Graphic Design

Gamerpics. Signature Art. Forums Banners. Social Media Revamps. Covert Operations. Destabilize Nations. Our Graphics Team does it all. Literally.

The cool kids.

The artists.

The “Creative Imaginations” (according to KSI Nebula 7).

All names for KSI’s Graphic Design Team.

The Graphics Team

These awesome individuals work hard to provide images, logos, editing and design projects for our Community. They take requests for banners, awards, logos, images, avatars and so much more. If you’ve ever seen a really sleek gamerpic or noticed standout signature art on a forums profile, chances are, the Graphics Team had something to do with it.

Our artists work consistently with other Departments in KSI, providing image services they can customize to fit their specific needs. Forums logos and banner updating is the Graphic Team’s responsibility as well.

Joining the Graphics Department is much more than just being part of a team. It means having the opportunity to train with fellow artists and be taught how to improve your skills. The Team utilizes programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and will orientate new members to both of these. Team applicants will have tutorials and guides to follow once they join the Department. They also have friendly experts close by, ready to give them pointers along the way.

Here’s a list of the current staff:

Team Roster

  • Art Directors
    • Tavie (Department Head)
    • KSI Dragons 7 (Department Co-Head)
  • Graphic Artists
    • Onihime Senpai (Oni)
  • Trial Artists
    • KSI Nebula 7
    • I Aztec I (Aztec)
    • Jay
    • Smoki
    • Sins
    • KSI ShaynePain


One of the many ways the Graphics Department benefits the community is by filling Graphics Requests on the forums. If you’ve never taken advantage of this opportunity, I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out! Here’s how the process works.

  1. Make sure you have at least 20 non-spam posts on the forums. An easy way to boost your forums post count without spamming is to having conversations with fellow members. Head to your division’s section or scroll through the General Chat area. Find a topic you can talk about and have at it!
  2. As soon as you’ve made those 20 posts, head to the Graphic Design section.
  3. In the Graphics Design section, copy the request form, then back up a page and start a new topic.
  4. Paste the request form in the topic that you have started, and fill it out. BE SPECIFIC ON THE THINGS YOU WANT! If you want disco dancing lights, say it there! Also, keep in mind, that in this instance, bigger is ALWAYS better. You want to shoot for a 1080×1080 picture size, especially if going for a gamerpic. After filling the form out, submit it.
  5. When submitting a topic in the Graphics area, patience is key. You can bump your request NO MORE than one time a day. The Graphics team will get to your request. Promise!
  6. After a member from the Graphics Team has completed the request given, you have the opportunity to accept or deny. If you choose to deny it, make sure you’re specific on why, and usually the Team member will fix what you want.
  7. After accepting your picture, you must wait a mandatory 2 weeks before submitting another request. But seriously, go do it again because pictures are fun!


Being in the Graphics Department is so much more than putting names on a picture. “Hey man, can you make me a gamerpic real fast?” Common question, for sure. But there’s definitely more to it than that. Graphic Artists work tirelessly to make sure every request they fulfill is perfect. Or as close to perfect as possible (sometimes it’s hard to work with ugly pictures – no offense to people who like ugly pictures.).

With perfection comes time. Making graphics for a large Community like ours consumes equally large parts of the day. So the next time you put in a request, take the time to thank the team. Without them, our Community would dreary. And perhaps a bit dull. These guys are the rockstars of KSI.

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