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KSI Comedy: Different Kind of Gamers

KSI Widow 7 starts a new kind of article: KSI Comedy.

Introduction to KSI Comedy

Today, we begin a new kind of article: Comedy. This will be an open-ended story-telling opportunity for the News Members to make you laugh.

Please take the time to comment as to whether or not we were able to wiggle a chuckle out of you!

Different Types of Gamers

In the world of gaming, we encounter multiple types of gamers. These include but are not limited to; the noob, the casual gamer, the competitive gamer, the hardcore gamer, and the pro. Although there are multiple, these are the main ones.

In the following article, you are either going to relate to these gamers’ personalities, or you have met one.


A young person drops off their bag from work and collapses on the couch. After a moment of mentally complaining, this person (lets call him Steve), decides he will play some video games today. After having his Xbox ONE sit on his nice tabletop since Christmas, he decides to push the “Power” button. Sitting up, Steve gets a good feel of the controller and bounces it in his hand. After installing his game and upgrading his system, which took about 5 hours, Steve grabbed drink and joined an online lobby after setting his gamertag as JuicySteve44. Feeling pretty accomplished with himself he begins to play Halo 5. Having played Halo 4 on the Xbox 360, he kind of knew what he was doing.

Plugging in his mic, Steve picked “Free for all,” and began to search for a lobby. After finally joining the lobby, his Spartan is spawned into the game and Steve begins to press the buttons on his controller. After dying five times and running off the map a couple of times, he gets into the grove of the controls. As soon as he accomplished this, JuicySteve44 runs around the corner and “Slash!” ASSASSINATION!!

“F***…. scare me..” Steve yelled, which resulted in a protesting next door neighbor. After apologizing Steve went back to the game only to be killed multiple times, and even spawned killed. With only one kill and 20 deaths Steve came out of the game slightly frustrated.

“Bing!” One new message. Excitement coursed through Steve as he went and opened his new message. Which stated, “Noob!”

Noob… What in the world, Steve had thought to himself as he went onto and typed in “Noob.”


At one point in all of our lives, we were Steve. We had never gamed before, never been called a noob in online matches. Regardless of the age at which you first played a game, there is always a time before that. Remember that when we meet noobs, that way we can remind them of what they are, but also so that we can guide them to a community that will make them fall in love with Xbox.


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