Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

June 2020 Member’s Spotlight w/ KSI D3A7HW15H

Read all about the winner of Junea??s Member Spotlight, KSI D3A7HW15H.

Recently, the News Team had the pleasure of interviewing KSI D3A7HW15H for this montha??s Member Spotlight. D3A7HW15H is currently the General of Angels ES and an excellent leader in the KSI Community. Thank you, KSI D3A7HW15H, for your time and insight as an officer in this sensational community!

What is the best part of your rank? and why?

“The best part of my rank would be getting to mold everyone as an officer to the best of their ability and watching them grow from rank to rank.”

What experiences have you had during your time in KSI? Any favorites?

“Every time I got promoted came a little more responsibility. My favorite memories would be getting to know and play with every new member and see how everybody is friendly.”

What advice, if any, would you give to your past self?

“I would tell myself to just have patience. Everyone’s time comes in the officer corps and don’t take everything so seriously. We are all here to just have fun and game. That’s why we join the community in the first place.”

Who is KSI role model? What have they taught you?

“My role models would be KSI Grifful 7 and KSI TexAngel 7. I spent the majority of my time with Griff, and he spent some one-on-one time with me and coached me. When I came over to ES Tex took over from there, and she molded me into the general that she needed me to be, and I thank both of them for that.”

What is your why?

“Just to game and have fun. I like being with like-minded people and to make a difference in KSI.”

What motivates you to keep moving forward within KSI?

“I would like new and experienced members to have the same experience I did. I feel like I owe that to the community. I have had a great experience here, and I want everyone else to feel that way as well.”

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