Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

January’s “Of The Years” Awards Show: 2021 Edition

KSI’s “Of The Year” Awards Show is right around the corner! Want to know where it is and how to participate? Read this and find out!

Whether it be Impy passing on the CEO baton, Scotland twerking with his chair, or Swag crunching on his pickles through the entirety of things, the KSI “Of The Year” Awards Show has been great. There has NEVER been a lack of attention grabbing, and we would like to thank KSI Ace 7 on his massive hat collection for just that!

Where It Shall Be

The 2021 “Of The Year” Awards Show is happening on January 16th, at 7pm EST. It will be held on KSI LIVE, which is our main channel for Twitch. During the show, KSI’s “best of the best” in each respective position for 2021 will be announced. Each of these winners have been nominated by their peers. They are then selected by the AAP Staff, with tie breakers being Board of Directors. Several promotions also happen during the Awards Show!

But Wait, There’s More

The highly anticipated winner’s announcement of Div Cup will be made at the Awards Show as well. All of those long nights of game play during Annual Events will finally show fruitful! After everything is over, Div Cup starts back up with KSI’s first Annual Event of the year, Cupid’s Clash! So make sure to grab your guns and prep for an onslaught of firepower!

Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022

The “Of The Year” Award Show will close out the agonizing year that was 2021. Let’s make sure we end this will a massive show out! Grab your comfort blankies, fill up the sippy cups with your preferred beverage (please drink that chocky milk responsibly), hop into a party with your KSI buddies, and enjoy the show! And remember, no matter who wins what, without each and every member within our great community, this would not be a thing!

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