Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Intriguing Wisdom: KSI DC 77

Ever wanted to get an insight on KSI DC 77? Well wait no longer, as KSI Sleepy got the low down on all of the things!

KSI DC 77 has been in this Community since 2019, with his 3 year anniversary coming up this soon. DC is the man, the myth, and the legend that has done so much for this community. His Achievements are extensive, with being put into the KSI Hall of Fame, Die Hard, and even Gold Outstanding Level 3. DC is a mentor to many and a friend to all. His legacy will live on through his work in Clan Ops, Department Ops, and as the Chief Knowledge Officer.

Don’t be a boss, be a leader. Be a leader, don’t be a boss.

What were some of your challenges before you became Head of Education? Are some of those still a challenge?

  •  I had quite a few challenges before I became Head of Education, but are they challenges now? No, most of the challenges are met at the Co-founder rank and squad level leadership. A specific challenge I faced before becoming Head of Education was when I would host a workshop. Some people may have a “ Not how I do it moment”, but I try to encourage people to make it unique and something for everyone. Everybody learns different.

What was the hardest part of doing the workshop overhaul?

  •  That’s a tough question, really all the information was there it was just a matter of reorganizing it. The previous leaders of Education did a great job, it was just a matter of modernizing the workshops. Instead of learning multiple things at once, I broke the information up to make it a little easier on the mentee. The information was really good prior, I just had to move it around a little. The hardest part about the overhaul was figuring out how many workshops someone had to complete before being eligible for a promotion.

What is your ‘why’ for becoming a mentor? 

  • Well I always wanted to help people with learning the ropes. The more people can do, the easier it is for all. I like mentoring people because I was able to help them find their true potential and help guide them to become a successful officer. I was able to pass down the knowledge I had and they’d make it better. They would take all the positives I had and leave the negatives behind, while becoming better than me in the long run. I enjoy mentoring because when your able to connect with someone and not only teach them, you gain a friendship out of it as well.

What’s your advice to anyone wanting to join Education/Information? 

  •  The biggest piece of advice is to make sure you have an open mind. It doesn’t matter what part of KSI you come from, you need to be able to dedicate yourself. The biggest thing is having time and a passion involved. You never wanna overload yourself, always make sure you have the time.

As the Head of Education, how involved are you in each operation in the community? 

  •  As Head of Education I’m involved quite a bit in Clan Ops and CDC. I do work with Departments when it comes to the Rank Structure and Forums Workshops. I do plan on working with them a little more to make a guide and help clarify their sections. I’ve also been in a few Departments, so I tend to work close with them.

What made you step up to climb the ranks in KSI?

  •  What made me wanna climb the ranks in Clan Ops was having the opportunity to help and grow the community. I never cared about a status or rank. I was always more focused on the growth and success of the community.

What was your biggest hurdle? How did you overcome it? 

  •  My biggest hurdle was dealing with a few problems that I had where I was clashing with a certain individual while we were both working in different aspects of the community. I overcame the issues by buckling down on my job and focusing on myself while working towards my long term goals.

How do you train & mentor the leaders beneath you to help them grow?

  •  When it’s all said and done, my relationship with my mentors and assistants are amazing. I don’t have to micromanage or step in. They’re great at teaching and being sympathetic towards the members when real life hits. I’m there to guide them along the way, but I want them to do it in a way they’re comfortable with. In Clan Ops, I regularly quiz and check up on my mentees to make sure that they’re able to go out and do it on there own.

What is your favorite KSI Memory? 

  •  My favorite memory has to be my recruitment. I responded to a LFG and was recruited by a guy name KSI LordHades26 . While we were playing Madden he was talking about KSI, he sold it to me and hyped it up. He hosted a gamenight after I was recruited and I was sold instantly. If it wasn’t for those twelve people I would’ve been questioning my decision. After attending the gamenight and going through the recruiting process, I thought hard about changing my gamertag. In the end it was definitely worth it.

What’s one thing you wish you knew starting out in KSI? 

  •  There’s a lot of things, but honestly to pick one is tough. I feel like I learned at a good pace, and being in KSI is all about living in the moment.

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