Is cheating in games really cheating?

What do you consider cheating – when it comes to video games – to be, and is it really that big of a deal?

Right so here’s the deal a discussion erupted between myself and two game design students about cheating in games, and one friend in particular felt incredibly strong in her opinion that watching YouTube walkthroughs and cheating in general completely devalued and ruined the gameplay experience of playing the game.

This sparked an interesting debate and it was rather fascinating.

On one hand you have modding of games, watching walkthroughs or getting someone to play a part for you, all these in a sense can be seen as ‘cheating,’ but the question that is really important is does it really matter?

Well when looking at modding of games that affect other players and their gaming experience like auto-aiming in halo we can all deem that as unfair and inappropriate and is even against the KSI Code of Conduct. Some argue that the whole struggle is part of the overall gameplay experience and not cheating allows you to get the proper experience how the game designer intended it to be.

On the flip side for those who mod games for sheer fun and ways that doesn’t affect other players like in single player campaigns or reaching otherwise impossible places on a map, looking at walkthroughs because you’ve spent countless hours figuring out how to find something or beat a boss.

Whatever the case may be in essence no one player will receive the game as the designer intended it to be because we all take in narratives and gaming in different ways.

No one player will have the exact same experience as Mr. Bob over here because we all play differently and we all take away different things from games and this is determined by who we our and our experiences that shape who, what and how we play games.

What do you think about cheating in games is it right or wrong.

Let us know in the comment section below and start the debate!

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