Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Impy’s LeaderShop: Progress

Impy’s LeaderShop is back and is this week’s lesson is Progress. Are you walking, running or flying? Find out what you’re capable of.

Welcome to another edition of Impy’s LeaderShop. This week’s lesson is Progress.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Some people can fly, some people can run, while some can only walk.

But just because you can’t fly, don’t be content to crawl.

Where am I going with this? I’m focusing on progress. Everything in life is centered around progress. The computer I type this on is the result of progress, the phone I sent nudies on is a result of progress and yes, even you are the byproduct of progress.

No, I’m not saying you’re better than your parents. (But you might certainly think that.)

No, think about it. You were born this tiny little blob of skin, blood and bone. Crying like a mad person, puking and peeing on everything and soiling your britches every chance you got.

Your beady little eyes darting around all shifty-like, not knowing any better.

But here you are. Grown up a bit. You don’t puke on other people, unless utterly inebriated. You don’t soil yourself, unless you can’t help it and suffer from a medical condition.

But the fact is, your life is one constant stream of progression. You learned to speak, walk, dress yourself, teach yourself and think independently.

KSI and leadership is no different. Everyone starts somewhere.

Some are naturally able to lead. They excel in that role and simply have a knack for it. But others, that trait doesn’t come easily.

But leadership is not genetic. There’s no gene for leading.

You can teach, train and improve yourself to do it. And likewise, your squad and division can do the same. The playing field may not be level. Some come into squads that are at 80 people and thriving, while others show up to a 15-person party that died 20 minutes ago.

But the way to get the same results is to look at where you’re at and simply try to improve upon what you have.

Don’t get caught up — if you’re in the 15-person squad — to try to catch the 80-member one. No. Focus on getting it to 25. Then 30. Build your staff by one person at a time. Pass it on. Don’t try to fly when you’re only meant to walk.

Build up your strength and learn to run. Once you get up and healthy to 55 or 60 members, you can run. You know what you’re doing and you’re strong enough to do it.

Then, when you can split, you’re flying. Nobody can bring you down because you’re overcame the obstacles to succeed.

It’s all about measured progress. Yes, we all want to be great leaders. Yes, we all want great squads.

But while some don’t ever attain that status, it’s not because they can’t. It’s that they haven’t figured out how to yet. I’m telling you how.

Don’t look at being at 30 members as being a failure. Look at it as being better than that 15 you inherited.

Don’t ever look poorly upon yourself or your members if things are improving. Every bit of progression, no matter how small, contributes in bunches.

The most important thing you must remember is this: You can’t be afraid to fall.

You may lose your wings and be forces to walk among the rest. But you know, you have to know, that you have what it takes to get back to that point.

So don’t be down on yourself. Wherever you, or your squad/division is, you have to keep the same attitude that progressing at any rate is better than stagnating or regressing.

So are you walking, running or flying? And what exactly are you and those around you capable of?

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