Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Impy’s LeaderShop: Activity

This week’s LeaderShop lesson is activity and why your activity as a leader affects the community so much.

This week’s lesson on Impy’s LeaderShop is activity.

It’s no secret that leaders have to be active within the squad, but activity takes on many different shapes and forms.

It includes playing games, showing up in game nights, helping train members, overseeing squad and division performance, forums, social media, squad/leaders tag, coming to meetings and probably a lot more things I forgot.

Of course, when listed, it seems daunting to have to take part in so much. Trust me though, it’s not.

The key is to have fun with it.

When I was a leader in Clan-Ops, I would use one event to serve multiple purposes.

During game nights, for instance, I would reiterate to the members what we went over in meetings, remind them of our goals and how close we were to them, and then move on to having a good time playing games.

When you can put events together, it streamlines the process and keeps it fun.

We would also train members while we played games. Punctuating training with killing bad guys on Halo or Call of Duty kept things light and fun.

Most importantly, a leader of a squad or division has to be seen. When I was a General, I made it policy that I would meet recruits before they were fully integrated into the squad.

I would ask them what they heard about KSI, what they expected and how myself and my officers could make their time in KSI better.

Remember, as a leader, you create the atmosphere that your members have to survive and prosper in.

They’re not YOUR members, you’re THEIR leader. That means you respond to them. You have to help make their time in KSI better.

So if they wanted leadership training or rank, I would make sure they were in the loop for workshops and I’d pair them closely with officers who were my best trainers and also wanted to rank up.

If they wanted to just play and enjoy, I would try to make them meet and add a great forge player or a multiplayer-crazy person so they would establish a friendship support base within the squad.

I would use the tags I had to send out fun messages that kept the squad involved.

All of these actions showed my squad I was there, I was active and I cared about all of them.

I would go out recruiting with them. If it was a bad recruiting day, we still had fun playing and I would remind them of it.

A leader’s activity is important for setting the tone of the atmosphere within a squad or division.

Sitting back and only showing up when a problem arises creates a bad psychological condition. The members start to associate you with trouble, and when you show up, the mood shift from light to heavy.

That can take a toll on a squad or division’s morale. You have to be around for the fun stuff to.

Your activity provides the standard the members will take, and when you’re not active, they think that’s how to do it themselves.

Be available on the forums and social media too, because the more KSI-centric mediums you expose your members to, the more likely they are to latch on to something.

Your activity and visibility is imperative. The best and most active leaders foster the best and most active squads and divisions.

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