Holiday Season

Join us as we everyone a magnificent Holiday and New Year!! KSI Alley shares her thoughts on what family means during the Holiday seasons!


With the holidays approaching faster then seems possible, there’s one thing that should never be forgotten this season; Family. Some of us may only have two families; our real life family and our community family. Some may have several families, which is a both a plus and a minus, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Holiday Season’s With All Families

This time of the year is a time to spend with family. Whether everyone comes over to your place, you head over to theirs, maybe you have to video chat the family back home, either way make the time special. Our family members are only here with us for so long. Some may be here today and gone a week from know, we never fully know. So this holiday season think to yourself; Mother will love if I spend time making the dinner with her, my baby cousin and I could watch his or her favourite movie or play their favourite game, or maybe dad needs help making that secret surprise for the little ones.

Whatever your families traditions are, take part and make the time last. Savour the smiles and the seasonings. Cherish the little moments. You may not think it’s important or that it’s boring, but in the end what matters won’t be whether it was fun. It matters whether it was in good company.

The other side of it is don’t forgot about your gaming family. The men and women of KSI who are there for each other all year. Take a little time away and enjoy some time with family from all over. Kick butt in crucible, or dominate in time good old Team Deathmatch.


Ideally everyone’s family is going to vary. We might not consider everyone in the community family but when it comes down to it, we will always be there like one.

Whether it’s Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, or Merry Kwanza, family and the family traditions are what keep the holidays magical.

We wish you all great Holiday and a Happy New Year.

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