Halo 5: Firefight

Gameplay for Firefight was released recently. What can fans expect?

Since the news had dropped last month about the list of DLC’s coming out in the distant future, fans have been excited to hear that there will be more PvE content added to the game in the form of Warzone Firefight.

Well it’s good news! Game-play for the new mode has finally shown during the highly covered Halo Championship.

Warzone Firefight is a new type multiplayer mode that envisions the original promise within halo 5, the large scale battles, a whole new scale to map size, and then applies that promise to help create the largest co-op experience within the entire game series.

This new mode will allow up to 8 friends or players that will work together to accomplish new objectives while racing against timer to become victorious by winning 5 rounds of enemies of increasing difficulty.

Firefight will bring more enemies than ever before, compared to the old fire-fight of Halo Reach past, that will make the game more frantic and pulse pounding than before. It will feature a new type of  high level enemy boss class called “Mythic”.

If you think the Warden was one of the most dangerous foes within the game, prepare for some shocks.

Now being a Warzone type game, you can’t forget about those REQs now, you will have access to all your power ups, vehicles and weapons. Magnum not doing enough against those pesky elites and jackals?

Well don’t you worry about that, why don’t you deploy your Incineration Cannon against them to turn them into a heap of ash. Can’t seem to destroy that annoying banshee that follows you around?

Why not take them on in a traditional dogfight with your very own banshee! In firefight it won’t be enemy players that stop you in your tracks and access the situation, it will be two angry hunters stomping towards you.

With the variety of objectives within the game, it might take a while before getting the same combination.

Well, if you’re like me and you love the concept of firefight, as well as its return to Halo, be ready for summer, its going be a long wait but don’t worry. Just get prepared with 3 of your buddy’s on the older games such as Reach.

Stay tuned for more Halo news courtesy of the KSI News Team

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