Grand Theft Auto Mods: The Hulk

We love Grand Theft Auto mods, so here’s video and commentary from YouTube showing the Hulk mod.

So, if you don’t know by now, I really really really REALLY love Grand Theft Auto Mod YouTube videos.

The modifications YouTubers broadcast and show off show how limitless games can be and, in my mind, show the very meaning of gaming — to escape from the rigors and monotony of real life and enjoy yourself.

YouTuber KPopp, who shares her video game-centered content with nearly 500,000 subscribers, put this Hulk video up on Monday, Oct. 26.

Her Hulk character creates chaos while escaping police and even other Hulks. It’s pretty intense. I mean it even has the Hulk roar.

So check it out, maybe? Be aware, there is profanity-laced language through out the video, but if the video doesn’t make you want to throw around some vulgar language, you’re weird.

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