Game Delays: February is the new October

Around this time of year or Q3/Q4 of the business year, the larger games that usually attract more attention than others such as call of duty and Assassin’s Creed are released to the public.

Around this time of year or Q3/Q4 of the business year, the larger games that usually attract more attention than others such as call of duty and Assassin’s Creed are released to the public.

This year is the same, but some games people were excited for are unfortunately being pushed back due to problems within the developers or the game might need last minute tweaks per say. In this story i will be talking about some of the games that have been delayed and the reasons why.

Batman: Arkham Knight

I had actually written a story about this game awhile back, It seems that it has expanded on the gameplay from Arkham city and Arkham Orgins to make an absolute beauty of game, it was planned to be released next Tuesday but has been pushed back to a unknown date in 2015 due to the developer saying

“We feel that we have an absolutely awesome game in the works, and we want to make it as great as it possibly can be. We just need more time to do that. If we didn’t give the team more time to do it, then we would be releasing something that we weren’t happy with. We want to make sure we’re absolutely nailing it 100 percent”

They are creating a game world 5 times bigger what Arkham City was because of the introduction of the Batmobile and other new items into gameplay for the first time in the series, which explains the work there putting in to it.

Tom Clancy’s The Divison

This game is yet another outstanding Tom Clancy creation, its actually based on a possible real life event called Operation : Dark Winter as well as Directive 51.

A disease is released on the busiest day in the US, Black Friday due to this the country falls within a matter of days .

You, the player are apart of what is called”The Division” or Strategic Homeland Division for long. The division was created in response to the attack to combat it and you have been given the highest authority from the President to save whatever is left.

In a like destiny it is a MMO but is third person and you can come across other players not as friends but possibly as enemy’s along with AI enemy combatants. it was supposed to be released this year, but this was unlikely because of the time frame it had to be created it was not likely to keep its release date.

Then in may this year it was pushed back to next year without a concrete explanation. hopefully it will be released in the first few months of 2015

Battlefield Hardline:

I’ve not heard much of this game but have seen the trailers and wow it looks like battlefield has gone to a new territory then improved it ten folds.

The campaign plot revolves around a swat officer named Nick Mendoza, In a new look at the campaign you are able to take different paths to the overall objective like as Deus Ex: Human Revolution you could take the quite and sneaky way or the guns blazing kill everything that stands way it gives you the chance to pick.

Instead of two armies vs each other, this time its cops and robbers quite literately. this addition to the much loved battlefield game series was originally to be released this month but because of player feedback from the multiple beta’s that happened in June.

One of the developers, Visceral convinced EA that they would have to push the release date back so that all the issues could be fixed and the game be ready for its release the release date is possibly February 2015. You can find multiple trailers for the game available on YouTube

The reason for my title was I noticed quite a lot of games that was going to be released in October and had been pushed back into February next year, but don’t fret game fans they wouldn’t do this willingly to there fan-base if there wasn’t a need for the game to be worked on more.

Who knows, the games could be even better than what we have seen so far thanks to the extra effort and work.

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