From The Roots: Crimson Dawn

See where our newest division, Crimson Dawn, has come from and where they are going!

Introduction to Crimson Dawn

KSI’s newest division to date is Crimson Dawn, which split from DR.

The current leaders, and also the people who helped this division split, are KSIDarkxAngel 7, KSI Breakfast 7, and KSI Panda 7; Founder and 2 Co-founders, respectively.

Dark: KSI DarkxAngel 7 was recruited on 6/10/14 by KSI Panzer into Valkyrie DR. Dark currently is the Co-Division Leader within CD and has helped its growth a lot. KSI DarkxAngel 7 was a Co-Founder in DR and helped all iron out their problems so that DR could have a smooth split with no transitional issues that might have plagued without. Dark makes sure CD is well represented and well run as the Co-Division Leader as well as being the highest ranking member within CD.

Breakfast: KSI Breakfast 7 was recruited on 5/1/15 by KSI 0ynx 7. Breakfast was in DR since the late end of February of this year and made his climb through Captain and up to where he currently is. KSI Breakfast 7 helped DR progress throughout the process it was going through. Now Breakfast works as Darks right-hand man helping her run CD.

Panda: KSI Panda 7 was re-recruited on 2/14/17 by KSI Chicago 7. Panda rejoined KSI in mid-February and helped DR split and currently helps lead CD as 1 of the 3 Co-Founders. KSI Panda 7 helps the squads of Empire and Prodigy.

Gallifrey: KSI Gallifrey 7 is currently the newest Co-Founder in CD and was General over Eternal. He has a tough work schedule but in the end, he makes it work out and as of right now he helps support the squad Awoken as well as being 1 of the 3 Co-Founders in the division.

How Was Crimson Dawn Formed?

Dark Legions was created from nothing on September 30th, 2011. Upon becoming successful enough, DL split into Divine Reign, opening up the doors of opportunity. DR hit the ground running, splitting a total of 3 times since creation.

The first split created Covert Ops on April 29, 2012, which is unfortunately no longer around. The second split created Maximum Punishment on May 13th, 2015, which is also no longer around but did help FI win SECOND PLACE the 2017 Spirit Week. The third, and final split from DR to this day created Crimson Dawn on July 7th, 2017.

They split from a division of roughly 450 people, taking approximately 200 of those people with them to CD. In only two months, this division has grown 150 people and has birthed nearly two squad splits. The division is booming with success thanks to the impressions of previous and current leaders.

The Importance of Our Leaders

Without the leaders who have come and gone from this community, KSI might not be as successful or as ambitious as we are today. Divine Reign and Dark Legions helped pave the road to CD being formed and remaining successful.

The leaders who paved the road for those divisions have shaped the future of this community. Without them, we would not have the valuable, dedicated, trained, and motivated leaders with amazing members as we do today.

KSI DarkxAngel 7 herself says who her mentors are in her Goals and Dreams article she was featured in “I would honestly have to say KSI True 7, KSI Mpliers 7, and KSI xTheKing 7.” Without mentors, things in KSI could be very different for Dark. Mentors are the people who test us and show us a path when we need it most. Most of us would be lost without the mentors we have had in our lives and careers.


Crimson Dawn will continue to surprise us by overcoming expectations and growing to be a division like no other. Hopefully, one day CD will have the same number of division splits, if not more than, DR.

Not every division that splits is successful. However, with the impacts that have been made on everyone in and around CD, there is no option other than to succeed.

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