Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Donors Hangout – March

Information on the March Donors Hangout, and how to become a Donor for those not aware.

This year, KSI would like to further express their gratitude for those members who have made donations towards the community. We are introducing this year’s first Donors Hangout. These Hangouts will be recurring events that pair our donors with each other, and some VIPs from throughout the community.

Becoming a Donor

Not yet a donor? Easy fix, simply visit the forums and make a $10 donation to the community.

You can also donate as a subscriber to the KSI Twitch channel, To be in the donor group however, you must either subscribe for 2 months or using the Tier 2 ($10) 1 month subscription.

After doing either of these, you’ll want to visit the AAP section and nominate yourself for the 2020 Donor Award. A screenshot may be required to show as proof of donation. The AAP section can be found here:

After approval of your Donor Status, you will be given access to several things including future Donor Events, the VIP area of the forums and the Donor discord chat.

March Donors Hangout

For the Month of March, we have scheduled the Hangout for the 21st at 8PM EST. It will take place on Prominence Poker, so we can cut back on some of the “sweatiness” and make this more about conversation and relaxation. We are prepared to have multiple tables if needed, but please sign up ahead of time so that there is a good idea on attendance. If you are a donor, sign ups for the event can be found here:

If you have any questions regarding the Donor system or the Hangout, please reach out to KSI Airborne 7.

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