Desmond Saga Part 3 – Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

It’s part 3 of the Desmond saga. AC: Brotherhood is about the growing struggle of Ezio Auditore against the Templar Order.

Continuing from my last addition to the Desmond saga, Desmond and company (after being found and defeating the small group of templar agents) search for a new hideout and the one they find is a dear sweet memory to players of ACII, because you find out it is the audtiore villa with a modern touch of course.

After setting up in the villa, activating the power supply and running through a small tutorial which explains a new gameplay move called counter assassination streak, now to Ezio’s story

It continues as we left Ezio from the least game, he is utterly confused by what he had seen, suddenly his uncle appears to help him escape Rome to get back to the villa. Once he arrives at the villa he is initially happy that his vendetta has finally ended after many years,  but another assassin question his actions. About Ezio’s decision to leave Rodrigo Borgia (the main villain from ACII), now the pope and ruler of the papal armies alive.

The next morning the villa and the town surrounding it are attacked by the Borgia army and an assassin, Mario. lost his life after Cesare kills him in cold blood. Now the apple back in the hands of the Templars. The survivors of the villa and what remains of the Auditores flee the town. Ezio travels to the heart of the Templars, which is Rome.

But his desire is to cast vengeance against the ones who killed his uncle as well as build up a large assassin presence and eventually take back Rome. but discovers the assassins are not doing well in there fight against there long time enemy.

In light of this, Ezio convinces Machiavelli that he will rebuild Brotherhood position to a point where they can remove the Templar presence as well as kill the man who took his uncles life.

In the duration of the next couple of years Ezio completes tasks that will erode the Borgia’s presence in Rome, and as well restoring the great city of rome back to its orgianl state. Because of his efforts and successes in the recent years, Ezio is given the rank of Mentor (the head of the order itself)

Cesare, discovering that the loss of his resources and power in the capital, confronts his father, Rodrigo and begs for more resources and artifact itself. But he declines and tries to poison his son. after realizing that his son is no longer sane and his lust for power will never be quenched. Cesare, figures out his father is trying to kill him and ends Rodirigo’s life instead.

Ezio see’s the son murder his own father from a window and after discovering location of the apple, retrieves it from its hiding place. He uses to overcome Cseare followers and in turn causes his financial backers to withdraw there support; Cesare is then arrested by the new head of the papal armies after a new pope had been appointed and after Ezio and company find him and kill his remaining followers

After months of peace, Ezio still suspicious of Cesare condition. Discovers he broke out of the prison and is in Viana in Spain, currently laying siege to the small city. He finds Cesare on the battlements of the city walls and proceeds to fight him until he emerges victorious.

Cesare claiming he cannot be killed by ezio or any other mortal man. Ezio tells him”Then I will leave you in the hands of fate” grabs him by the shoulders,then drops him over the side of the battlements to his death. Ezio then takes the apple and hides it within a temple in Rome.

Back to the modern day story line, Using glimpse of locations from ezio memories to find modern day location of the temple, The team of assassins set off to get there first, Thinking if they get the apple they could find the rest of the pieces of Eden to keep them away from Abstergo.

As they travel through the temple a projection of Juno (another first civilisation being) is viable but she cannot be seen by anyone but Desmond. She talks down about humanity saying that they lacked knowledge and tells him that “We should have left you as you were!” implying that man around that time were more advanced than today possibly because of the first civilization advances.

During this speech Desmond places his hand on the apple, time comes to a halt. he can still move and speak where as no one else hears or see’s him.  Juno let’s him know that he is a descendant of one of her race and of the humans, this could explain his eagle vision and being able to handle the bleeding effect better than others can.

After talking to Desmond about a gate he must travel to and of a woman he must take, but she will not allow this to happen. So she takes hold of Desmond and makes him stab Lucy in the stomach. Both then fall to the floor as time goes back to normal, Desmond entering a coma and Lucy dead

Seems like a perfect cliffhanger for another chapter in the story stay tuned for the next addition of The Desmond Saga

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