Department Ops: Can I Join?

Learn about KSI’s Departments and how to join! Skarzx 77 gives us the details.

Joining A Department

When I first joined KSI, I didn’t really think of doing anything outside Clan Ops. Being a member of a squad and division was enough. Probably same for you right? Once I got settled in and started exploring the forums site, I stumbled upon a section called Join A Department. I couldn’t help wondering, “What department are they talking about?” Of course, I ignored the link.

Eventually I was told KSI was looking for streamers for the Productions Department  Again, I came upon the Join A Department section. I applied and was accepted into Productions. A short time after that, I also joined the Awards & Achievements Department (AAP). Suffice it to say, my KSI responsibilities increased very quickly.

Why You Should Join A Department

Everyone one of us possess unique characteristics that separate us from each other. Some of us want to be more outgoing and meet new people every day. Others want to share our ideas with the world. Some of us want to take on responsibility and ensure people are having fun. Any of these sound like someone you know? The reason I asked is because the qualities I listed above are a perfect example of the the qualities of staff in News & History, Productions, Tournaments & Events, and Marketing.

Know someone who has a desire to make sure this community stays safe? Do you enjoy encouraging people to do amazing things and reward them with things that they can remember for their entire career in KSI? Want to oversee education throughout the community? Check out KSI Courts, Awards & Achievements and Performance Operations Departments!

Sometimes there is a lot more to this crazy thing we call KSI than being in a squad and going to a game night once a week. Dedicated and hardworking individuals are always needed! If this is you, test the waters and apply for a department!

Join A Department section


– Article by KSI Skarzx 77

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