Contribution: KSI Monday Inspiration

“First comes the light wind carrying the rain, then comes a rainbow.”

The following story was submitted by a KSI member who wished to remain anonymous.


Coming into a new week you may have somethings going on at home, maybe some stuff at work or at school.

I can happily say right now it get better. A

fter a week of courts, lawyers and family dramas, my week ended on an amazing note. Going into the new week with only positives and happiness, if you surround yourself with positive people and look for the light at the end of the tunnel, nothing will get you down.

After just moving country and starting to set up a new life, it was hard. Leaving family behind and all my friends, it was tough to leave home and all I knew.

I moved in with an Aunty who is in remission from cervical cancer and she is my hero. She always up beat and sees the greatness in everything, she lives life to the fullest and gives everything 100%. My cousins are thankful because they were lucky enough not to lose their mother to something so nasty.

So it’s simple; ask yourself one question today and every day after reading this.

‘If I die today, what will people remember me by?’

Because it won’t be that expensive car you own or massive house you live in, those shoes you spent $200 on or that outfit the was “on fleek”. You will be remembered by how humble you are towards other, what you gave i.e. time, money, food… when you had not much yourself. Because you are just as important as the next person, you are not above nor below anyone.

Because I, myself want to be remembered as a helper and a giver, someone who gave everything when I had nothing and was there for anyone who needed any sort of support. But what do you want people to remember you by?

If you’re having problems with something, ask for help or advice, don’t ever feel like you’re alone in something. Don’t let life knock you down, don’t let a bad day ruin your week, you are stronger than that one bad moment in your life!

Smile at a random, talk crazy positive around everyone, give whatever you can to someone who isn’t so lucky. We don’t know what someone has been through or is dealing with today. You may even be the reason someone decides to keep living.

Look for the Rainbows through the storm and the stars in the dark.

“He iti hau marangai etu te pahokahoka.”

“First comes the light wind carrying the rain, then comes a rainbow.”

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