Congrats Jezrien & Pandora

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On June 2, 2014 our very own KSI Jezrien 7 and Pandora welcomed their beautiful baby girl into this world! Aria Skye was born at 7:08pm Monday evening, weighing 7lbs 7oz and is 19 inches long. It’s not often that we can share in the joy of two KSI members and their off Xbox lives, but we couldn’t be more proud and excited for this little family to start this new journey.

Jezrien has been a member of KSi for over 3 years and has been in many roles. Through Clan Ops and Department head, he has found his calling being a part of the KSI Forum Staff as a Moderator. Pandora, who has also been welcomed into the community, currently helps as an Editor on the News Team. If you ever get a chance to talk to either of them, you will notice quickly the genuine love they have for each other and what a beautiful marriage they have.

We are blessed to have been on this journey with them over the past 9 months. Seeing the ultrasound pictures, hearing about birthing classes from Jezrien’s point of view, and witnessing their excitement over the past couple of weeks has made us all feel like we were part of their little world. Especially just a few days ago when Jezrien told us that Pandora started screaming for help, and he started to grab the baby bag and car keys thinking it was time, only to find out it was just a spider!

Congratulations to two awesome people on their beautiful new “baby mod”. We can’t wait to watch Aria grow into a smart, witty, video game loving little girl!

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