April 2020 Of The Month Winners!

Read about KSI’s best of the best for April 2020!

Every month the Awards and Achievements Program combs through numerous witness statements submitted by you, the KSI community. From those nominations, the AAP selects the member at each rank with the best overall witness statements as the best member at their respective rank for that month. Featured below are the best nominations for each of the April 2020 Of The Month Winners! Congratulations to all the winners!

Senior Leader: KSI Airborne 7

Airborne is currently the Acting Head of both the News & AAP Departments, an LC Ambassador, as well as the Head Department Manager. As both AAP and News Senior Staff, Airborne’s sage wisdom has been crucial in becoming an effective leader in both Departments. Despite the recent turnover within the News Team, his leadership and mentorship has helped right the ship and begin steering it in a positive direction again. Teaching members about the ins-and-outs of both Departments and guiding each of them towards success. Airborne is always there when you need a hand or just someone to listen to.

Director: KSI Grifful 7

I believe Grifful deserves this because ever since he took over WD he has tried to ensure that everyone is up to date with KSI standards. Being previously in a squad that has been kind of stuck in a period of rebellion towards change Grifful has informed and pointed out change is not a bad thing and we need it to thrive as members in KSI.

Division Leader: KSI Swag 77

When it comes to dedication and overcoming trials, Swag is no stranger. He has become an amazing leader driving this division to be more successful and always maintaining a fun and joyful experience. He truly cares about his 7s Staff, the Generals, every officer, and each member. He looks out for everyone and is trying to create so many opportunities for this division. He is there to help when needed, no matter the task.

Co-Founder: KSI Rogue 7

During this month’s most recent trials and tribulations, Rogue has proven himself not only a capable leader, but an exceptional mentor. Rogue is constantly providing insight and training to those who ask for it. Also, during this past month, Rogue has stepped up and taken charge of the Knights officer corps, inspiring us to push our squad to higher limits, and provide better service for our members.

General: KSI Kakashii 77

Kakashii 77 Has recently helped revamp the whole Prestige squad. From the change in officers, to the easy transition into Discord voice chats. He’s been working diligently to get more members involved and the change in pace is a big weight lifted. For being in KSI for over 8 years, constantly building new squads, and has received the Co-Founder rank twice. TWICE. To say the least Kakashii is a dedicated member of KSI and with the help of his leadership, our whole gaming community will prosper. 

Captain: KSI BLITZ11

Blitz is hard-working, goes over and beyond, and is a dedicated officer to KSI. When something needs to be done he doesn’t hesitate to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done. Others come to him when they need help, or have a question they are unsure of. He has in the last month or 2 started to find his voice more. He’s been running officer meetings on a regular basis and is always on top of what needs to be talked about. He’s very organized with his meetings, notes and, member retention lists.

Lieutenant: KSI Weeaboo

Weeaboo has gone above and beyond these past couple of weeks helping the squad grow and when KSI BLITZ11 went on LOA Weeaboo took over setting up the gamenights, helping with the meeting notes, and he spends times with members of the squad playing games to help with member retention and spread some knowledge throughout the squad so we can grow.


Mrs. Blitz was a great improvement to our officer staff. Whenever I’m making our game night schedules she doesn’t mind taking a few days out of the week if someone has something come up during the week. She always wants to learn new officer stuff and wants to help out others. She’s a great listener and many fellow KSI members come to her with any and all problems and she always helps them through the tough times that life throws at them. She was a great addition to the officer staff and deserve so much more.

SGT: KSIxRoyal

Royal is truly a breath of fresh air. He is always is at game nights, helps members with missions, quests, and anything else in games. He is very welcoming to new members that join KSI, and is overall fun just to be around. He is a role model Sergeant to inspire others to change their Gamertag to be one. He is super active with the entire squad on a daily basis and is always there to play and have fun with all of the members. His professional like attitude and personality is wise beyond his years. Venom is very lucky to have such an awesome member.

Forums Staff: KSI Starset 7

Since Airborne was promoted to HDM, Starset has become the go-to guy for AAP Staff. Holding down the AAP Dept all fronts, he’s constantly battered with questions from myself and other AAP Staff members who seek his help. Starset is always tactful in his quick responses and on top of his duties, even when they seem overwhelming.

Department Member: KSI Uppish 7

Uppish has worked his butt off in AAP and in News. He has led as a senior staff in AAP and was senior staff in News before his rightfully deserved promotion to Co-Head of News. He is always doing what he can to help the news members with their articles (editing, inspiring, etc.) and helping the AAP members by giving friendly reminders if they have not posted on a nomination/voting.

Member: DrinkYourDamTea

DrinkYourDamTea, or Janelle, is really something else. She’s always around to engage the members and liven up a party. Ever vigilant, she’s even helped us to find potential recruits and meet new people. She’s been around KSI for a long time and is very knowledgeable about the community. Janelle volunteers to welcome to members and the officer staff alike. She is never shy about offering input from the member’s side of things and asking good questions. This helps the officers to develop new ideas and ways to effectively communicate with squad members on their terms and in ways they can understand. DrinkYourDamTea is a member that any squad would fortunate to have.

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