AAP’s “Of The Month” Winners (January 2015)

Welcome to the wonderful announcement of the AAP’s “Of the Month” winners for January 2015! You came, you nominated, and we deliberated! This list below will show the best members in their respective ranks for this past month in KSI. Each one has gone above and beyond the duties of their rank to be recognized by not only their peers, but the AAP staff and the rest of the community. Without further delay, here are your winners!

Senior Leader: KSI Greg 7

“Now prior to this month I have had little to no interaction with this Senior Director, however in the last month he has brough forth another gold mine of knowledge for me to unearth at my leisure, he is always there when you need him and he will not turn you down unless he is in a meeting or dealing with heavy things. Greg is not only extremely welcoming but he will even come game with you as he teaches you the ways of KSI.”

Division Leader: KSI Sinister 7

“KSI Sinister 7 has once again exceeded himself. Every day I am hauled into parties with the boss to discuss divisional ideas, problems, solutions and new ways to invigorate people to stay interested, not only in their squads and our division, but in the entirety of KSI. He has an eye for spotting details that most people will not see unless he points it out. No matter how people perceive Sinister his intentions are always positive and pure and he does what he does out of pure love for this community.”

Co-Division Leader:  KSI Shivers 7

“He has always been there when anyone in ES needs him. He tries his best to hang out with different members and not stick to just one crowd. He is a fun person to play exo zombies with and never gets frustrated when you do terrible. He has always been there to answer my questions as well as other ES members. He truly cares about every member and every squad and that is important.”

Founder: KSIx2FINGERS 7

“To list off everything this guy does will fill this entire page. So let us talk what kind of guy KSIx2FINGERS is instead. KSIx2FINGERs 7’s on point, this is how you it, half a second response time, take no crap from nobody, witty, no excuses attitude is exactly what IO needs and has been receiving. He is all ways front and center ready to take on and handle any problem that comes his why. Always promoting a good, fun, happy, eventful atmosphere to everybody. His vision for IO is something not to take lightly. It is an honor to work with KSIx2FINGERS 7.”

Co-Founder: KSI OhMyLanta 7

“This girl is a firecracker! Her is always on top of everything 24/7, 7 days a week. She is amazing on keeping everybody updated on events, and always makes a point to say hello to everybody…seriously though, have look on the forums seen how many chats she is in! Also, don’t be fooled! This sweet heart knows how the flip her taking care of business switch on and get the job done! From recruiting, to squad tag and recruit tag work, outstanding forum activity, meeting after meeting she still manages to do everything while fixing any problem that comes her way. How she keeps such a shining, fun, upbeat, happy personality is beyond me. But I can say this, her constant hard work and loving, helpful, caring character can be seen throughout all KSI.”

General: KSI Wetwork

“WetWork is the reason that Paradox has prevailed. This squad has seen some ups and downs, but it has nevertheless has been pegged on the back of this fearless leader, and he deserves to be recognized. There isn’t a time online in which I don’t see him doing something for our squad and community. He is always training, recruiting, mentoring, mending…I mean it truly impresses me the amount of time he dictates toward bettering this squad, himself, and KSI.”

Captain: KSI GreendayFox

“She’s a leader by her words and actions. As a captain, she has helped run Abaddon and keep it going for the past few months. We couldn’t do it without her. She’s a SSGT, LT and CPT all rolled into one. No task is too small or too great for her. She works her butt off and never quits. She’s an expert at diffusing conflict and solving tough issues wherever they may arise. It’s been really great having her as a role model and friend. I’m really excited to watch her future KSI career and see her leadership skills in action.”

Lieutenant: KSI Jaikeychan

“This guy right here is one member who saw the benefits and potential the KSI has to offer! He had a rough start but he made a promise that he was going to make a difference and after that, he hit the ground running! He is a rising star in my squad as well as in our division. He always shows up to every meeting, game night, and workshop that we have to learn everything he possibly can to benefit himself in the squad and as an officer. He wasn’t afraid to ask any questions pertaining to any subjects. If he ever did anything wrong, he made sure that he corrected it right away and wouldn’t let it happen again. He continues to stride forward! He puts 200% into everything he does.”

Forum Staff: ImPeRiiiUM

“Impy has shown amazing dedication to the News team and has for a long time been a sole man in the continued existence for the News Site and has allowed me to develop my writing skills and in all honesty is a all round great person who states his expectations and gives constructive criticism like a pro. He has changed up the news site and made it exciting for members to interact with it as it has numerous news, upcoming events and polls for members to read. It’s a platform that allows writers and non-writers a place to express thoughts and interact with and Impy does a great job in managing it.”

Member: KSI x Syther 

“KSI x Syther has been the backbone for bringing in new members to my squad, I got 14 new people on my squad tag in under 2 weeks, with more on the recruit tag waiting to be trained. 🙂 On top of that, he has been doing the same for other squads as well. :) With all the recruiting he does he still has time to game with the new peeps and make them feel welcome. He promotes activity within my squad and keeps me on my toes by giving me little kicks in the butt when needed. He, by far is the most active member I got on xbox and the forums, he also holds work shops and game nights regularly, I have been working closely with him and I believe he will make a great officer one day. :wink: Keeep doing your thang’ Syther!!!”

News Team Writer: KSI Jessi

“Jessi joined the team in early January and hit the ground running. She’s always asking questions and looking for new stories that will be of use to KSI members. She’s written several good, solid pieces that require minimal editing and those stories have received great attention from the community. She helped get the news site more views and helped to orient a new writer to the team. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to help the team and better KSI while handling her clan-ops responsibilities. She deserves this award.”

GFX: Snyder 

“Synder has been awesome in creating new signatures and has shown numerous members with his skills and its great to see someone so dedicated in creating innovative and cool signatures for KSI members.”

Productions: KSI DoCNeSS 7

“Docness has been balancing personal life with improving and expanding the role of the productions team. He has assmebled and motivated one of the most active teams productions has ever seen. He was a wider view and scope that he wants to get the department to in order to better serve the community.”

These are all of your winners, thank you for contributing as much as you have to the community in the past month, and I hope to see you doing the same in the coming times! Here’s to you all!

-KSI Doctor 7-
-Department Head of the Awards and Achievements Program-

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