The Evolution of News!

News has come a long way. Read about where it’s been and where it’s headed!

The Beginning

Looking back into the history of the Department, I’ve learned a lot about it’s origins. Our CEO, KSI ImPyyy 7, was able to offer a lot of perspective on what the News Department has been through to get where it is today.

News is a place where you can always turn to when you are looking for a large range of topics. We write articles about leaders in the community. Some about Departments, game reviews, events happening around KSI and current events in the world. This is only scratching the surface of the things we cover!

The Evolution

While talking with ImPyyy, I learned a lot of the origins of this Department. As he recalled, News has been around as long as he can remember. Looking to the time frame of 2011-2012, right after the big KSI split, articles were written on the forums and then reviewed by someone on the small News Team. They were then published onto the site This of course meant the articles were within the limitations that the forums had to offer at the time.

There was a lot less structure in what was posted. The pieces were mostly opinion based. See one of the earliest examples here by a forums user named “Dusty” about Steve Jobs. Reading through the archives and “dusting off the old books”, I can see the passion in the older pieces that I still see today. Gamers are passionate about their work, just as they are about their games.

Around 2013-2014, the articles were changed over to WordPress. With this brought freedom to add more to the content. Photos, better structure, easier editing and more.

News Leadership

In 2014, ImPyyy took over the Department. News started covering our most proprietary info which is “KSI related News.” You will recognize this in the articles we publish today in the Weekend Warfare recaps, Spirit Week (and other annual Event coverage).

ImPyyy credits KSI Ace 7 on helping to create the KSI Handbook we still use to this day. Obviously things have drastically changed since then. Jaygo was a big part of the team as well as KSI Sungazer 7, KSI Neuron 7 and KSI Jiggy 7. This was the era between 2011 and 2015.

The History Team

Between 2014 and 2015, the History Team was absorbed into the News Department. This happened because both Departments often overlapped in many aspects. History stayed a part of News until the beginning of 2019 when KSI December 77 and KSI Greenday 7 split the Department and HSI (the new and improved History team as of Fall 2018) was officially recognized as its own separate Department.

ImPyyy has a Journalism Degree himself and has a passion for this subject. When asked “What are your hopes for the News Team?”

To try to make the team a learning laboratory. I would hope if anyone has had a thought to apply for News that they would give it a shot.

How Far We’ve Come

The News Department has had both ups and downs. Currently, we have a very clean format. Our subjects are very defined in articles through the use of headings and it makes for a much more fluid read.

We are on to Social Media! The News Team now has a large presence in Social Media. The members of the Team take their time to post pictures and fun quotes to entice followers on the Instagram. We also hosted KSI’s first ever Instagram event – the Instagram LMR! We also have an ever growing presence on the Twitter. It’s great to look back and see where we have come from and now we look towards the future to see what it holds for our beloved Department!

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