SYTYCW Winners: August 2018

August’s SYTYCW topic was “Your KSI Get Together”. Here are you winners!

August’s So You Think You Can Write topic was:

Your KSI Get Together

If you had bottomless funds and could host a KSI get together, what would it be like?

  • Where would you host it?
  • How many people would you invite?
  • Who would you invite?
  • Who would you be the most excited to see?
  • What would you spend your time doing?
  • How long would this trip last?
  • What kind of food would there be?
  • What would your music playlist look like?

The Winners

First Place – KSI Scotland 7

While the majority of persons will be flying in from the US, Canada and potentially elsewhere, you will flying into Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.

Image result for london heathrow terminal 5

Don’t worry of course, no matter the start location you will be flown by Virgin Atlantic all expenses paid.

You will then transfer to Edinburgh Airport, to have a 2 day exploration of the Capital of Scotland.

You will spend your night in the Caledonian Hotel with views over the castle of Edinburgh.

Image result for caledonian hotel edinburgh

You will have a guided tour of the Edinburgh Dungeons, please see this link for more information:

You will also enjoy Edinburgh castle before leaving for St. Andrews on transfers arranged by St. Andrews Executive travel 64 seat coaches.

This journey is going to take you an hour and a half so please sit back and enjoy the scenery, you will be arriving around 7pm so please check in and go relax in your room before you find your way to your desired restaurant.

Restaurant menus;

Welcome to the Fairmont St. Andrews, a 5 Star Golf resort with the largest hotel conference centre in Scotland, UK.

Image result for fairmont st andrews

Here you have a spa, 2 championship golf courses, 2 restaurants and 2 bars.

Now please enjoy your night, and we will get started with the fun on the 3rd day.

In the morning you shall have coaches waiting to take you on some day trips.

What do you like? Castles and history?

Please get on the coach to Scone Palace and Glamis castle;– Crowning place of Scottish Kings – Heard of Macbeth by Shakespeare? Yep that’s the castle.

Are you a golf Enthusiast and want to play on the historic Old Course Golf course?

Image result for old course

Of course a private Lunch in the R&A building would be in order! (Please bring shirt and tie for this- or you won’t be allowed in!)

And for your third day trip option, have you ever wanted to take the famous Scottish whiskey trail, and taste the best Whiskey in the world?

Please hop on board as you go to the Speyside whiskey trail.

You have distillery’s such as: Benromach, The Glenlivet, Cardhu, Speyside Cooperage – Acorn Caskets, Dallas Dhu, Glenfiddich, Glengrant, Glen Moray and Strathisla.

Once you have returned to St. Andrews from your day trips please refresh and come down to what we affectionately call the Attrium;

Image result for fairmont st andrews atrium

You will have a full Traditional menu containing all Scottish traditional items – Neeps and Tatties will be there, Haggis is always an option too!

However don’t worry, those who are picky – you will have your pick from our current menus (shown above) If you have something you’d like to order off the menu, please let your server know and they’ll have it arranged.

By this point you will have been in the UK for 4 days (Unless you came early) and the fun must begin somewhere.

Enter the doors behind the crowd and you shall find the conference centre!

Image result for fairmont st andrews conference center

Inside you shall find a KSI stall with all the merchandise you could desire.

You will find Food vendors waiting on you with all manner of food, and once you turn with the hallway to the right, you will have the ballroom.

The ballroom is where we shall have tables set up for mingling, eating and general socialising.

In the various conference rooms you will have Xbox One Xs with Laptops set up alongside to ensure that you can catch up on some gaming while you have been away, and check emails and the forums to continue the KSI Business as usual model!

You will have a further 3 days to enjoy the splendour of St. Andrews and the surrounding areas, and on the final night you shall have a Black Tie event.

This event will require you as the name suggests to come down In a suit, dress or other traditional dress wear.

Bonus points if you man up and kilt up!

This event will wrap up the entire trip, give out some well deserved accolades, HoF Inductions – Div HoF Inductions and anything else that’s required!

To answer a question that I have not answered above: Who would I be most excited to meet?

Simply put, I would be excited to meet anyone and everyone who attend! I expect you all!

–   –   –

Second Place – KSI Akame 7
Third Place – KSI VeRiiTaS 7
Fourth Place – KSI M3NTALIST
Fifth Place – KSI Hatter 7, KSI Nebula 7, KSI ODINN 7

–   –   –

Congratulations to everyone who participated last month! We had an awesome turnout! Remember, submitting a SYTYCW always earns your Division points towards the Divisional Cup. Go make your submission for September! The topic is: “Advice you wish you’d gotten as a KSI Recruit”.


KSI December 77 and the News Team

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