SYTYCW Winner: July 2019

July’s SYTYCW Winner. Read about his beginning.

July’s So You Think You Can Write topic was “Write Your Beginning”

In a book about you, what would the first page say? Would it be intriguing or mysterious? Or would it be reminiscent and melancholy? It’s up to you! Tell us how your story begins. Entice your readers, be creative and above all – write something Harry Potter himself would WANT to read. 


  • KSI Siggy

My Beginning: Alpha. Omega. Beginning and the end. Most people wonder where the heck I got Siggy from. Most people think I smoke cigarettes and just made a shortened version of it. The truth is, it stems from a nickname I had with my original KSI name – KSI Sigma. A person I was really close to thought it was cute to give literally everyone a nickname and me being the 16 year old weirdo I was, I accepted it. I felt like I “belonged” having a nickname. I found a community worth coming back to because of a silly nickname. And of course, Sigma was kind of taken when I wanted to rejoin…

Many thanks to everyone who participated last month! Remember, taking part in SYTYCW earns your division points towards the Divisional Cup! Get out there and participate!

 – KSI December 77 & the News Team

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