SYTYCW Winner: February 2019

Most of us would rather do ANYTHING other than try to write a poem. Not these members. Here are last month’s SYTYCW winners.

February’s So You Think You Can Write topic was a poetry contest! The theme was Light vs Dark. Poems were judged based on Theme, Grammar, Creativity and Integrity.

1st Place Winner


From Dark Into Light

All around me is dark and no light, I’m always alone no color in sight

Just black and white no shades at all, to take small steps so I don’t fall

Nobody noticed that i could not see for all the dark in front of me

I feel my way along the floor so I could possibly find a door

My heart is pounding, i feel like i’m blind -one small noise will trigger my mind

But I laugh and smile, slowly walking along assuring myself nothing is wrong

Thinking about the people i have met who opened my eyes – I will never forget

Because these are the people who helped me see not always the dark but light within me

2nd Place


3rd Place

  • KSI Athydian

Many thanks to everyone who participated last month! Remember, taking part in SYTYCW will earn your division points towards the Divisional Cup starting in April! Keep up the practice!

– KSI December 77KSI Hatter 77 & the News Team

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