SYTYCW: “Poetry” Winners

Members were asked to speak about their KSI love through rhymes. Please congratulate the winners of SYTYCW!

SYTYCW Introduction

Last month, KSI members were asked to talk about their KSI love while using rhymes during the SYTYCW competition. Although the post count was not ideal, the poetry shared by our fellow KSI members will stick with us.

The winners are as follows:

1st – KSI Gary 7

2nd – KSI Budgie 7

3rd – KSI HHooters 7

KSI Gary 7

KSI is the place to game,

My fiance finds it really quite lame,

I’ve explained, time and time again

But you know what, I’m not going to change!

I have met many people, some good some bad,

I keep telling my girl this ain’t a fad,

This community has taught me so much,

And yes I’m English not Dutch,

And when you are feeling down in the dumps,

Just hit me up and I’ll give you a bump!

KSI Budgie

Time flies yet has no wings , before we know a new day begins.

It can be a present in more ways than one when you give your time as a gift to someone.

we may stagger and we may stumble and  the path you travel may start to crumble.

It isn’t how you find your way or how long it takes or even how many silly mistakes along the way.

It’s taking this journey staying true to yourself that you find the true wealth.

Knowledge, strength, integrity we follow each day although some may look on puzzled and in dismay and say silly things like it’s only a game that you play.

Neigh say the haters stand up and be true this community will have your back for as long as you want it to.

KSI HHooters 7

KSI is my love and my home

I was even crowned queen of the throne.

For so many people I’ve met along the way

They touch us in ways that it feels like home.


Some days are hard i can no lie

But ill always keep pushing on that i can’t deny,

The acceptance and joy we find along the way

Can never be beaten id have to say.


This community like no other makes these bonds

They can’t be broken severed or thrown

We stick together through thick and thin

And out on top were always ready to win


From a recruit to the CEO we shall always know

We all have a place to make us grow.

Stronger and better than ever before

We stand together unbreakable that’s for sure.


Obviously, the heart-filled artists in KSI have something to say! Be sure to congratulate the winners on their accomplishment.

Stay tuned for next month’s winners of the SYTYCW competition: Ideas!

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