Spotlight Award Winners: October 2018

Check out October’s Spotlight Award winners!

Every few months, the community takes time to nominate two members – a General or lower (Member) and a Co-Founder or higher (7) –  who they feel deserve special recognition for their achievements and contributions to KSI. This is called the Spotlight Awards process.

The nominations have been made and the votes have been cast! The HSI Team would like to present October’s  Spotlight Award winners:


Member Spotlight Winner

KSI Skychild

Wicked Destruction – General


7 Spotlight Winner

KSI xKing 77

Divine Warriors – Founder


Both of these members will be interviewed by HSI Staff, be featured in a Spotlight Article in November and receive the AAP Member & 7 Spotlight Awards.

We’d like to give honorable mention to the runner-ups for both categories:

The HSI team would also like to congratulate everyone else who was nominated! We appreciate your participation!


– KSI December 77 and the HSI Team

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