R6S: Operation Phantom Sight

KSI Harmony 7 gives us the inside scoop on the latest additions to the Rainbow 6 Siege Team. Take a look here and check them out!

Operation Phantom Sight

Xbox features the popular game Rainbow Six Siege. Siege is a Ubisoft First Person Shooter that keeps bringing in and retaining gamers by frequently updating their Operators. This includes new Elite looks for the veteran Ops, new weapon skins, charms, headgear and uniforms. Siege is coming into its 4th year of release and still holds one of the most die hard and consistent fan bases of any FPS game.

Ubisoft often rethinks their Operators and what is affected by the addition of new people to the R6S family. The company focuses on keeping all of the Operators balanced and up to date with the addition of the new Operators. Sometimes this means removing gadgets and tweaking guns, often to the fans dismay. Luckily for us this also means map revamps, new faces, new gadgets and a change in the way the game plays. New Operators really throw a wrench in the way that you play the game. This causes even the most seasoned of players to revisit their trusty strategies to find a new way to make it work.

Warden and Nokk Siege’s New Ops

New Operators


Nokk is our newest Danish Operator. She is really creepy, to be honest. Her information is so top secret that only the Rainbow Six Team knows about her past. The identity of Nokk is so exclusive that even the most basic information about her says only:”Redacted”.

This attacker has a glove attachment called the HEL. When activated this device reduces her noise output and hides her image on cameras, drones and anything that has spotting capabilities. She is essentially a really frightening mix of Vigil and Caveira, only on the opposing team. With her face covered, she is sure to feel like a ghost of your past that has come back to haunt you in true human form. Her weapon set includes the FMG9 SMG and a shotgun option of the SIX12 Suppressed. For sidearms she has the 5.7 USG and the D50. For gadgets she has the options of a Claymore or a breach charge. This Operator is sure to throw a wrench in any plans you have for roaming as a Defender.


Collinn Mckinley, age 48, is from Louisville, Kentucky. A former Marine who has been highly regarded for his outstanding work and often acknowledged with commendations. He completed three tours in the Marines and reached the rank of Master Sergeant. He then moved on to serve in the US Secret service, protecting many important figureheads for over 10 years before joining the Rainbow team!

As our new upcoming Defender, other than looking classy as can be, Warden brings along his Smart Glasses. These are not your ordinary glasses however. Warden’s glasses lessen Flash effects, and aid him with a quicker recovery period. His unique character ability is called “The Glance”. In addition, it allows him to see through smoke. This is sure to make him a natural adversary to Glaz, who uses smokes to shroud his opponents and add a thermal attachment to his gun to catch his enemies in a vulnerable spot. The major factor of these glasses is the fact that you are to remain immobile, or you are affected in the same way as every other Operator in the room.

Warden’s loadout options consist of the MPX which is a SMG, and the M590A1 which is a Shotgun. The P-10C (equipped with a built in sight) and the SMG12 are his Sidearm options. Warden has both the deployable shield and barbed wire as his gadgets.


Looking For Updates

If you are a Rainbow Six Siege lover like me, be sure to reference the section on the forums http://www.ksiforums.org/forum/428-rainbow-six-siege/ where you can keep up with all the hype. Here you will find more updates on the game and a look at what’s new! The R6S Team has the New Ops set to drop this month so be on the lookout for the rush that comes from playing with, and against, these new deadly members.

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