OTM Winners: May 2019

May’s “Of The Month” Winners have been chosen! Come see who won this award! (If you don’t know what we’re talking about, read anyway.)

The May’s “Of The Month” – or OTM – Nominations are in! For those who do not know what these are, the “OTM’s” are a bi-monthly competition hosted by AAP. It gives our members the ability to nominate their peers for being the “best of the best” in their respective positions throughout the community.

May’s Winners!

  • Senior Leader
    • KSI Scotland 7
  • Director
    • KSI TexAngel 7
  • Division Leader
    • KSI xKing 77
  • Founder
    • KSI VENUM 7
  • Co-Founder
    • KSI Tiger 77
  • General
    • KSI Jynxie
  • Captain
    • KSI YeetQueen
  • Lieutenant
  • Forum Staff
    • KSI FadeZ 7
  • Department Member
    • KSI Soap 7
  • Member
    • KSI Breakfast 7

Congratulations to all of our May “Of The Month” winners! Thank you to everyone who also took the time to post nominations! We look forward to seeing just as much participation from our Divisional Leaders for our Divisional Of The Month nominations. These will be held from June 14th – June 28th!

Happy Nominating!

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