Opinion: Video Game True Love Respawns

KSI Alley explains that some games, regardless of how long they are around, will never die in our hearts.

A truly good game will never officially die. Some believe that great games live on in a number of ways.

They are popular games that may not be played on a daily basis like they were when they were in their prime. These games range from Crash Bandicoot on the original PlayStation, to something like MW3 on multiple consoles.

Amongst all the new games getting all the attention on social media and newer consoles, there will always be a game that people play because it is a classic. It could be a game that got them into gaming in the first place or one that they connect with on a deeper level (strange but yet it happens). No matter what new game comes out on the market, classics will always draw us back to the old days. The glory games perhaps. A common example of an old game that is on the rise again, is Modern Warfare 3.

I’m sure all of us have some sort of story from Modern Warfare 3. Whether it’s settling an argument on good old rust or dropping the Mother of all bombs, the Nuke in a sweet online game. It is something that sticks with us throughout our gaming career.

Now a lot of us didn’t get a start on consoles such as Xbox 360. I know for a fact my gaming days started back on the original PlayStation grinding out  on Crash Team Racing. Man was I good.

Anyways, we all have a classic game we go back to when we can. A good classic game doesn’t always reach all consoles. Sometimes the best of the good games can only be found on singular consoles. Every year, we discuss our favorite games. We may never fully agree on what the best is, but we will always agree that good games will never die off. They live on in throwbacks, great discussions, or to one day be re-mastered into the next big thing.

I leave you all with this… What was the game you always go back to and/or that got you into gaming in the first place?

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