The News Department Is Hiring!

The News Department is hiring! Submit your application today!

Ever considered joining Department Ops? There’s no better time than now! The News Department is accepting applications now through October 11th.

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What do we cover?
  • Annual events: Spirit Week, Fall Classic, Turkey Bowl, Awards Show, Spring Break
  • KSI events: Weekend Warfare, Happy Hour, KSI Live Streams, AAP “Of the Month” & “Of the Year” winners
  • Member & 7 Spotlights
  • Featured Interviews (typically for promotions or inductions into the Hall of Fame)
  • KSI Speaks Polls
  • Time Capsules (Re-publishing of older articles or forums topics)
  • KSI Member or Divisional histories
  • Game reviews, previews and comparisons 
  • So You Think You Can Write competition winners
  • And much more!
What do we need?
  • Members from around the community who want to be involved in Department Operations
  • People who are willing to learn and speak their voice
  • Articles and ideas that attract other KSI members
  • Out-of-the-box thinkers
  • Creative writers
What do we offer?
  • Advice on writing styles and grammar
  • Writing experience
  • An outlet to voice opinions and tell stories
  • A way to meet new people from across the community
  • An awesome, upbeat Department Ops experience
How do we cover events?
  • Show up
  • Get invested
  • Have fun
  • Write
  • Repeat

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Go to the Join A Department section and fill out a News Department Application!

Message KSI December 77 with any questions.

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