New Awards, Who Dis?

With the 2018 Awards Show LITERALLY tomorrow, now is the perfect time to get involved in KSI’s Twitch stream! Donate bits, gift subs and earn your awards!

NEW Twitch-Related Awards!

Bit Donations

Show your support for KSI and our Twitch channel! Earn these new AAP awards as you Cheer during our streams!

New to Twitch? Get the low down on Bits and how they work – click here: Purchasing & Using Bits

Baby Bit Donor – 1,000 Bits

Itty Bitty Donor – 5,000 Bits

Big Bit Donor – 10,000 Bits

Oof Donor – 25,000 Bits

Big Oof Donor – 50,000 Bits

Poggers Donor – 75,000 Bits

Pog Champ Donor – 100,000 Bits

Gifted Subs

Feeling generous? Every time you gift a sub, you’ll find yourself closer to earning your next Gifted Sub award!

Charity Gifter – 5 Gifted Subs

Part-Time Gifter – 10 Gifted Subs

Full-Time Gifter – 25 Gifted Subs

Overtime Gifter – 50 Gifted Subs

Executive Gifter – 100 Gifted Subs

Keep these awards in mind as you join us on tomorrow’s 2018 Awards Show stream! Subscribe to Twitch.TV/KSILive today or click on the button below!

These new awards go live on Sunday, January 13th. Once the Awards Show is over, head to the AAP section to see what Twitch-related awards you’re eligible for! Message KSI RiiOT 7 or KSI Kalakoi 77 with any questions. Happy nominating!

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