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Leadership Council

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council (LC) is a collective of members from several different areas of the community who utilize their unique perceptions, experiences, and insight to influence change, increase member retention/general happiness, and ensure community growth in every way possible. This brain trust of sorts has a primary focus on engaging members, gauging community needs, and addressing issues within the community based on information received.

Although the LC has many ideas on how to better connect with the community and is trusted to make some very influential decisions in terms of its future, this all ultimately means nothing without the support and input of ALL community members regardless of rank or stature. Due to these facts, this LC area on the forums has been created for all members to have a direct line to the LC and communicate any and all thoughts, concerns, critiques or suggestions in terms of LC decisions enacted, areas of the community that need work, etc.

As we progress over the course of the year, any major changes, policy introductions/edits, and ideal shifts will be documented here in an effort to be as transparent with the community as possible. After being documented, those threads will then be open for members to voice their opinion whether positive or negative for the LC to gauge community feelings and responses.

Beyond this, there will also be several polls and events hosted in order to create a better relationship with our member base, share information, and ultimately have fun.

It is our goal to not only involve members in the overall decision-making process for KSI as a community but also to bridge the gap between our members and leadership. Please help us do this by adding your voice to the mix!

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