Game Trailers: How They Influence Gamers

Game trailers have more influence on whether a gamer buys a particular game than we thought.

An Introduction

With all games, anticipation from game trailers influences gamers. We either pre-order them or write them off completely. This can be dependent many things, even just the song that might be playing in the background of the game trailer.

Transformers fall of Cybertron Cinematic Trailer

Where this trailer is showing Optimus Prime walking with Bumblebee severely damaged through a battlefield of destruction while a song is playing in the background generates pre-orders. Putting that into words sounds pretty boring but when that is translated into trailer form, it generates a hype train of excitement that Optimus brings.

This trailer is created very well, and I had pre-ordered this game because of that. I also played War for Cybertron, which is the prequel.

Battlefield 1 Reveal Trailer

Battlefield 1 was possibly one of the greatest games that had released last year. The creators raised the hype for the game, obviously, by releasing a trailer. This trailer was a mixture a game play with cinematic views to give the watcher a multitude of perspectives. The trick of these trailers is to entice the potential customers. Battlefield had the right idea to play a remix of seven nation army in the background, while the scene constantly changes from fighting from the air, land and sea. They were sure to include jaw-dropping scenery and locations to keep the eyes interested. The best scene was the first person view of your biplane crashing into another, or a Mk IV tank simply gliding over the trench you are standing in. I can’t decide. The best aspect was that it shows that the formula of a Battlefield game stays true; destruction occurring on a large scale.




I love trailers like this, due to the work that has gone into them to look amazing. Technology has come a long way in these last few years. This allows trailers to use seamless cinematics and switching into gameplay without any drop in quality.

Do game trailers influence us? Without a shadow of a doubt, they definitely do. Sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst. Make sure to watch out for those.

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