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Game Review – Realm Royale

It’s not Fortnite. It’s not Paladins. Actually it’s both. Yeah, we’re just as confused as you are. But it’s also FREE to play! So try it out.

First Impressions

Battle Royale is the hottest trend in gaming right now. We have Pubg and Black Ops 4 which are more realistic in their art styles. Realm Royale falls more into a much more cartoony animated style of gameplay, similar to Fortnite.

Realm is still currently in its Beta. It was released for Xbox on August 1st, 2018. The Publishers are Hi-Rez Studios – the same studio that brought us highly successful games such as SMITE and Paladins. So far, Realm Royale has been well received by game reviewers. (IGN gave it a 3.9 out of 5) Unfortunately, the timing of the game’s release may not work in its favor due to the alarming amount of BR games popping up in the past couple years.

Starting out

Realm Royale has you go through a tutorial before you can play. This is where you learn about the abilities and class system in the game as well as how to loot and use the games mounts

You also learn about classes each of the 5 classes. Realm starts you out choosing a class, offering 5 separate options: the Warrior, Engineer, Assassin, Mage, or Hunter.


The Warrior class can slowly regenerate health as time passes. They can heal allies and have more tank like abilities making them a well-balanced choice for most gamers.


The Engineer is a support type character. This means they can use healing totems to heal teammates. The real crA-Nme of the crop for this character is the Firebomb which has a massive AOE that can be extremely deadly if put in the right hands.


This girl is pure magic! The mage is a bit squishy in the fact that she is unable to take many hits. She does have high-damage magic attacks such as the Fireball and many AOEattacks that are useful for wiping out teams. She can fly as well.


The hunter is your very own demolitions expert. He has the use of proximity mines and the ability to flee from foes with his withdraw passive ability. He is a quick agility type build.


The Assassin is similar to the Hunter but with even more of a stealth element. He has an ability that makes him un-targetable for a period of time. His downfall is that he is overall much slower.

From The Get-Go

When you first enter the battlefield, your focuses are survival and solidifying your loadout!

Much like many other Battle Royale games, you are looting for your equipment in Realm by looking in treasure chests. Depending on your class chosen, you will find abilities tailored to your player. The sheer amount of abilities you find forces you to stick with a specific loadouts to affirm what abilities you plan on using and upgrading throughout the duration of the match.

Also important to remember is the tiered ranking system of the items you pick up. The lowest tier is white, then you have blue, green, purple and orange. The color system is structured quite similarly to Fortnite. An item’s color and strength can definitely make a difference in end game.


In Realm’s battles between multiple teams, you really start to feel like you are in a MOBA such as Paladins. As you progress and continue to kill more adversaries, your class will rank up with you. As it advances, it will give you faster cool-down times on your abilities. This means the possibility of spamming a dodge roll or using your barriers more quickly. In an end-game fight, you will be much more likely to win the battle if you are equipped with the best gear.

Pro Tip:

There is another game changer by the way of the Forge system – you must take a trip there to smelt the best gear available.

Be aware! Once you down an opponent (or are downed yourself) they turn into a hooting and hollerina?? chicken with a flag. In the a??chicken stagea??, they have the ability to get away by running from the enemy who downed them. If they are shot enough times in this state, they die. If they manage to live 30 seconds, they turn back into their class and get a second chance.

Final Thoughts

Personally, this game wasna??t my cup of tea. However, with the classes and abilities and the mount system that are incorporated into the gameplay, Realm Royale is a great free-to-play option for those who are Battle Royale fans. I especially recommend for this game to those who are fans of Fortnite.

Realm is still in the Beta stages so look forward to more upgrades and changes in the near future!

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