Fall Classic 2018: Day 4

Fall Classic 2018 is officially over! Read the final recap here!

Fall Classic 2018 is official over! What a wild ride it was.

Forums Challenge Poll

Final Results

  1. Wicked Destruction – 77
  2. Divine Warriors – 75
  3. Demonic Mayhem – 56
  4. Last Strike – 44
  5. Forced Induction – 30
  6. Explosive Outlaws – 29
  7. Crimson Dawn/Eternal Souls – 23
  8. Dark Legions – 20


On the final day of Fall Classic 2018, Wicked Destruction claimed victory in the top three spots in the COD – WW2 FFA event! This event was hosted by KSI Bane, KSI Galahad, and KSI BadKitty 7. It was streamed by the Board of Directors with their awesome commentary included.

During the final round, nothing could stop KSI Deimos from Wicked Destruction. His quick reactions and incredible situational awareness left him as the victor by a mile.

1st Place

KSI Deimos (WD)

2nd Place

KSI Zelus (WD)

3rd Place

KSI Aion (WD)

COD – WW2 7’s FFA

The 7’s squared off in a FFA event immediately following! Top three winners were:

1st Place

KSI Dropshot 7 (DL)

2nd Place

KSI Nebula 7 (DW)

3rd Place

KSI Kalakoi 77 (WD)

The Call Of Duty tournaments were grueling! It’s moments like these that make Fall Classic as special as it is. Friendly competition let’s us get away from the work aspect of KSI.

The Winners Circle

Our Fall Classic 2018 Winners are:

1st Place – Divine Warriors

2nd Place – Demonic Mayhem

3rd Place – Wicked Destruction

Fall Classic 2018 Scoreboard

2018 Divisional Hall Of Fame Induction

KSI’s first round of Divisional Hall of Fame Inductions happened the closing day of Fall Classic. Congratulations to all the leaders that were nominated and inducted!

Many thanks as well, to KSI RiiOT 7, KSI Kalakoi 77, KSI Skarzx 77 and the AAP team for the many hours of work that went into making the Divisional Hall of Fame a reality.

Check out the inductees here! Divisional Hall Of Fame

Many Thanks!

We’d like to send out a BIG thank you to the following –

  • The Tournaments & Events Department for formatting and hosting the Fall Classic competitions
  • The Productions Department for streaming live coverage of the events
  • The News Department for covering and recapping events and scores
  • The Graphics Department for providing header images for event coverage
  • The Board Of Directors for commentary, involvement and participation in hosting the event overall

Keep yours eyes open for announcements regarding our next annual KSI event – Turkey Bowl!

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