Fall Classic 2018: Day 3

The Day 2 event scores for Fall Classic 2018 are up! Check them out here!

This years Fall Classic will be the best one yet. Despite having Xbox service issues, the T&E staff pulled through to deliver some fantastic moments in the Day 3 coverage!


Wicked Destruction currently sits on top with a score of 71! They are closely followed by Divine Warriors with 68 and Demonic Mayhem with 51. To check out the complete divisional Forums Challenge Poll standings – AND TO VOTE FOR YOUR DIVISION – click on this link: Fall Classic 2018: Forums Challenge Poll

Rainbow Six Siege – 3v3 Secure Area

This weeks R6S event was full of fun and a lot surprises. Hosted by KSI AllStarRM 7, KSI Minato 7, KSI UNB0RN 7, and streamed by KSI RestInPeace7, it ran smoothly, and without any issues.

1ST PLACE – Divine Warriors
  • KSI xShocK 7
  • KSI BeastMode VI
  • dopeybugger
2ND PLACE – Crimson Dawn
  • KSI NoL1fes
  • KSI Beaches
  • KSI DarkPotato
3RD PLACE – (Division)
  • KSI The Reap3r
  • KSI Septicade
  • KSI Quackers

For Honor – 3V3 Dominion

Connection and streaming issues wreaked havoc in tonight’s event. However, with everything that went wrong, the streamer, KSI Akame 7, and both hosts,  KSI Gambit 7 and KSI Galahad, managed to make the most of it. Fun times and  joking around during the downtime of the event kept all involved entertained! LS seemed like the team to beat as they just couldn’t be stopped, until a close match-up against DM. In the end, DM pulled out a glorious strategy, bringing home a HUGE win. Congratulations to those who won, and thank you to all who participated!

1ST PLACE –Demonic Mayhem
  • KSI ninja dm80
  • KSI tuchmyself
2ND PLACE – Last Strike
  • KSI Fluffy1103
  • KSI Breakfast 7
3RD PLACE – Explosive Outlaws
  • KSI Lugnut
  • KSI Icey026
  • StaticShazam

Day 4 Finale is meer hours away!

Make sure to tune in tonight for the completion of Fall Classic. Kicking off events tonight will be the CoD WW2 FFA at 6pm EST, followed by the CoD WW2 7’s FFA, and the conclusion of the 7’s Prominence Poker. At 7pm EST we have the much anticipated Divisional Hall of Fame Ceremony, and the Final results of the Fall Classic. You can catch all of these events on the live stream at  Twitch.TV/KSILive


Article by KSI BattleBear8 & KSI GreendayFox

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