Dorkz v. Sins

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening! You’ve seen that seeing is believing. Your ears and your eyes will be bleeding…but in a good way.

You don’t have to have a lightsaber to do battle. Or a sword. Or a tank. Turns out, all you need to do is call someone out and challenge them to do something YOU do, but better. In this case – a Graphics Battle.

Take a peek as these two graphics titans prepare to get down and dirty…

Another artist called me out on Discord today to battle. For those who don’t know, it’s essentially a Photoshop battle. It’s definitely all in good spirit. Sure, it promotes a camaraderie of sorts. I suppose all of that fades when you realize that it’s the spirit of creating which is the most important. In the end, the viewers will vote on whose piece is more attractive and appealing—usually giving an explanation as to why they chose one piece over another. It’s incredibly spontaneous, and I definitely love the challenge. Good luck, Dorkz.

At any rate, it went as follows:

Title of the topic reads: “Dorkz v. Sins.” As if it was a court case. Be me, think “Aw, what the hell?”

Interesting…abstract. My favorite. Creating something out of absolutely nothing. I confess it to be my personal favorite style. It’s on. Update coming around April 11, 2019—thereabouts.

Follow this graphics battle here: Dorkz v. Sins – Graphics Battle

– Article by Sins


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