Donors Weekend: Day 3

The third and last day of our Donors Weekend event has concluded! Check out who won the Doritos Crash Course and BO4 tournaments!

Day 3 – Doritos Crash Course & Black Ops 4

Day 3 was sure to bring the fun with Doritos Crash Course – that fun, free-to-play game that dropped near the release of the 360. Our Donors came out to really show their skills today. The weekend event ended with blood, sweat and tears and a 15 game streak of Black Ops 4.

Doritos Crash Course

The Doritos Crash Course Tournament was an exciting match-up between KSI MeShell 7, KSI YeetQueen, KSI Brownie7985 and KSI Zordon.

For those of you who don’t know what this game is, DCC is a 360 Avatar obstacle course game. It’s underground. It’s not well known. And it’s kinda dorky to look at. BUT, it’s ridiculously fun to watch.

Race 1

The first race was the Europe: Slip Slide Ride course! MeShell got out to a fast lead and held it for quite a while. She was passed right at the end by KSI YeetQueen. Watch the flying balls Shell, watch the flying balls. KSI Zordon and KSI Brownie7985 brought up an extremely late third and fourth.

Race 2

The second race was Europe 2: Conveyance! Let’s just say, some contestants had issues with this course. KSI YeetQueen blazed through in less than a minute and a half, while Zordon and MeShell took their merry time finishing. Their very merry time. Brownie brought up the rear with a time around 3:40. We think he may have stopped for coffee but we’re not sure.

Race 3

Europe 3: Elevation was course number three! Probably the smoothest course so far for all four contestants. YeetQueen came in first AGAIN, in less than a minute and a half. MeShell snagged a close second, with Zordon in third. We think Brownie may have stopped for lunch this time.

Race 4

Race four was the Europe 4: Shaky Footing track! Lots of moving parts. Lots of gaps. Lots of falling. While it’s highly improbable YeetQueen had actually been PRACTICING this game leading up to Donors Weekend, it’s still a distinct possibility. She aced through this course and came in first. (As an observer, I’d like to inquire, “WHO’S PHONE ALARM KEPT GOING OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RACE?”) MeShell grabbed second place, Zordon third and Brownie, you guessed it – went out for dessert. (We’re thinking Coldstone or Marble Slab)

Race 5

Race five was Europe 5: Swingin In The Rain! Trust me, I’m just as tired of writing this recap as you are of reading it. Just hang in their a little longer, my friend. The fifth and last race saw YeetQueen once again jump to an early lead (yeah, at this point, we’re calling hacks). While the other three contestants stalled on a long Tarzan-like rope section, she hit the finish with a time of 2:36. MeShell came in second around 4:20, with Brownie in third and Zordon in fourth. (Brownie obviously trapped Zordon and tied him down so he could claim third for himself. Good move Brownie.)

While not the newest game on the market, Doritos Crash Course was definitely a fun and nostalgic alternative for our Donors Weekend lineup. Huge props to the four contestants and their participation tonight. Here’s to you, kids!



  • KSI YeetQueen – Sovereign Legacy


  • KSI MeShell 7 – Demonic Mayhem


  • KSI Zordon – Demonic Mayhem


  • KSI Brownie7895 – Divine Warriors

Black Ops 4 – FFA

Today we had a very exciting event! Watching this FFA was a long journey. It was also a funny one! KSI DropShot 7 and KSI AtomxGen were the forerunners in game one. Game two came along and afterwards KSI Zordon was saved by the lag as KSI DropShot 7’s internet failed him so he gave his spot to Zordan. Thus, he was able to continue in the game when he otherwise would have been eliminated!

Zordon went on to pull in two more saves because both KSI Venum 7 and KSI Brownie7985 had to step away from the competition early so they gave up their places. KSI Zordon miraculously made it to game 5 before being knocked out!

These contenders played a total of 15 FFA matches. The entertainment continued with many jokes from the movie “Dodgeball” and everyone was a great sport.

The front runner, KSI AtomxGen, ended up bringing in First Place almost every match. It was intriguing that he never achieved Play Of The Match. KSI AtomxGen did however, end up coming in First Place for the entire Black Ops Tournament. Congratulations to all for bringing home that sweet win for your divisions!



  • KSI AtomxGen – Wicked Destruction


  • KSI Torch096 – Eternal Souls


  • KSI Shadow007 – Dark Legions

That’s All, Folks!

What a fantastic Donors Event this year! The underlying theme throughout the weekend’s revelry was camaraderie and laughter. Not that anything less could be expected from our generous Donors. Everyone came out to win and the competition was fierce as Brawhalla characters danced through the air, UNO was called, vehicles chased into the flames, races run and bullets flew.

Each win or jab at an opponent was punctuated with laughter and the battles were won in an atmosphere of hilarity. Competition aside, this was a great weekend for the people who help keep our amazing community running.

We hope you all had a blast! Whether you came out to participate, claim your forums award, or prefer to be a silent benefactor, your contributions and support for our KSI Family is appreciated and does not go unnoticed. Thank you donors!

Article by KSI December 77, KSI Harmony 7 & KSI Siren82

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