Divisional Of The Month Winners: October 2018

Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains and Generals. The best of the best have been nominated. Come see which members won October’s DOTM Awards!

DOTM Winners!

It was a busy summer for sure! As the Fall season rolled in this October, so did the next round of DOTM’s. We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Divisional Leadership staff who took the opportunity and the time to nominate their members. Listed below are those who have shown incredible dedication to the community over the past months. Please congratulate our October DOTM nominees!

Dark Legions

Sergeant – KSIRestInPeace7

Lieutenant – KSIDragonRider

Captain – KSI Shadowo45

General – KSI SasquatchX

Demonic Mayhem

Sergeant – KSI OG KUSHY

Lieutenant – KSIDntAskImAwfl

Captain – KSI MeShell 7

General – KSIxGalaxy

Divine Warriors

Sergeant – KSI Tyr

Lieutenant – KSI xMinion

Captain – KSI Bane

General – KSI x Artifice

Explosive Outlaws

Sergeant – KSI HarmfulMel

Lieutenant – KSI iLegacy

Captain – KSI Karisaur

General – KSI Galvanize 7

Eternal Souls

Sergeant – KSI Southpark18

Lieutenant – KSI LegateShade

Captain – KSI Barb130

General –  KSI SN1P3RB0552

Last Strike

Sergeant – KSI Jynxie

Lieutenant – KSI No Horizon

Captain –

General –

Sovereign Legacy

Sergeant – KSI TAZZ re6

Lieutenant – KSI GamerJohn

Captain – KSI Ch4ttyK4thy

General – KSI Grifful

Wicked Destruction

Sergeant – KSI Taywick 77

Lieutenant – KSI Folkstyle

Captain – KSIxRONL64

General – KSI Skychild

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