Department History: Tournaments & Events

Did you ever wonder what Tournaments and Events is really all about? Come and check out everything that KSI Harmony 7 discovered!

T&E Today

Established in 2002, KSI has seen many changes. Some of these changes have been within leadership, as well as the creation of departments. T&E, officially known as “Tournaments and Events”, is a department that has been around for quite some time, and has transformed the way events are held.

T&E manages many functions, including Weekend Warfare on Saturdays. All T&E staff work diligently to innovate KSI’s competitions and tournaments, all the while seeking to cater to the community’s interests. Offering competitive members with something to look forward to, T&E has become exceptionally important.

T&E is also responsible for planning and executing KSI’s largest and most traditional divisional competitions; these include Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic and Turkey Bowl.

History of the Department

Before the creation of T&E, a group known as “Vets n Boots” hosted weekly “Friday Night Fights”. Generally this consisted of a casual tournament featured from Call of Duty or Halo, and was used from 2009-2012.  In 2012 Tournament and Events was then established. This was to create more organization and a consistent presence used for community events.

KSI Kiki 7 was Department Head when T&E was established in 2012.

KSI Pr3d4tor 7 came thereafter.

After KSI Pr3d4tor 7, KSI Havoc 7 lead the Department.

Then KSI Mpliers 7.

They lead us to our current Head, KSI BadKitty 7 and Co-Head, KSI Gambit 7!

Current Leadership

KSI BadKitty 7 is the current Head of T&E, and has been since October of 2017. Sitting down with Kitty, I just had to ask, “What do you enjoy about leading this department most?”

She passionately commented, “My favorite part of leading this department is the interaction we get with the plethora of members spread throughout all eight of our divisions. It’s great to see that the actions of T&E and its staff can inspire others to do more. Whether that means trying different games, meeting new people from said divisions, or possibly even getting a glimpse of how all of the departments end up working together for a finished product. Another thing that is personally fulfilling for me, is seeing the T&E staff members really finding themselves, and their confidence in the ability to make an impact on each event and experience that the members have when they participate in Weekend Warfare, or some of our annual events.”

In closing

T&E is a great department to meet new people, and they play to our competitive streaks. Hosting Tournaments brings the community together and is a great way to branch out to KSI as a whole. The next time T&E is hiring, consider the opportunities made available through this wonderful department, and submit your application!


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