Call of Duty BO4: Custom Game Modes

Have you already gottent tired of the run and gun style that Black Ops offers up? Come check out some new custom game ideas brought in by KSI Skarzx 77!

We will be discussing 4 created custom games for you to bring to your squads to spice up your BO4 game nights. This will cover the game name, Equipment/Specialists requirements, as well as game settings. We hope you enjoy the added carnage in your next BO4 adventure!

Hide and Seek (Black Out)

  • Party Size: 6 + Players
  • Specialists: Any
  • Game Mode: Black Out *DO NOT START THE DEPLOYMENT*
  • Specific Settings: No in-game perks that boosts speed or allows you to be quiet/hide in water etc.


  1. One person will be the “Seeker” while the remaining party members are the “Hiders”.
  2. Pick a named location on the map. This will be the play area for the round.
    1. Be specific when playing on places like Construction or Fracking Tower. Make sure members know which parts of the place is off limits like climbing towers, or if you are staying on ground area.
  3. When you spawn in initially, everyone is to run to the designated map location. Once everyone is there the seeker is to leave the area, or turn their back, giving the hiders 30 seconds to 2 minutes to find a hiding spot.
  4. Once the Seeker is ready to go, they will seek out the other members and will attempt to melee them to get them “Out”.
    1. If you are playing with a big lobby, you can allow those who are “OUT” to join the Seeker in finding the rest of the lobby.
    2. If you decide to only have 1 seeker, then those who are “OUT” then leave the area. This is to not distract the seeker in finding other people.
  5. NO calling out people’s hiding spots and Code of Conduct always applies.
  6. Since you have unlimited health, you can allow explosives or smoke grenades to improve the fun of the game.

Jack the Ripper

  • Party Size: 4+ Players (Killers Team A & Inspector TEAM B)
    • It is a FFA, but those who are not the inspector follow under TEAM A.
  • Specialists: 2 Specialists only (1 specialist will be chosen by TEAM A and 1 specialist will be by the Inspector aka TEAM B)
  • Game Mode: Multiplayer (ANY MAP)
  • Specific Settings: Free for All
    • Game Mode *HARDCORE*
    • Game Score set to 30- and 15-minute time limit. Or if you can just do Hardcore TDM.


  1. TEAM A – Combat Knife ONLY and Dexterity/Lightweight for Perks
  2. Team B – Mozu (w/ or w/o Attachments), Scavenger/Lightweight/Dead Silence for Perks.


  1. The objective is for everyone to attack the Inspector. You do this by using speed and combat knife, all while the Inspector defends themselves with a Mozu.
  2. The game ends once the score limit hits 30. The winner will often be the Inspector, but if not feeling free to celebrate a job well done!
  3. Try to encourage those who are not the Inspector to not kill each other. The idea is to not be the member of Team A with the most Deaths!
  4. You can adapt to using Shotguns or any weapon, even snipers. This could be used for different levels of competition with the Inspector.


  • Party Size: 6 + Players
  • Specialists: Any
  • Game Mode: Search and Destroy
  • Specific Settings: 2 bombs, Short Set Fuse time, Short Defuse Time
    • *OPTIONAL* Set each player lives to 5-10 to make the game more interesting. Then you can set time limit per round to 5-6 minutes. This will force people to rush the bombs and plant them before the time runs out.


  1. Attacking team members have very little time and limited lives. They have to rush or tactically attack one or two objectives simultaneously.
  2. The defending team has limited lives and must protect both objectives for the entirety of the time allotted. They need to try and take the fight to the attackers by removing them until they run out of lives.
  3. You can run this as a straight up anything goes, or you can go shotguns only. Different varieties can spice up the match!
  4. Hardcore is another aspect you can include in the game. Core is highly recommended to prevent spawn campers though.

Free for All Tournament (GUN GAME STYLE)

  • Party Size: 6 + Players (Recommended 10)
  • Specialists: Any
  • Game Mode: Free For ALL
  • Specific Settings: First to 30 kills, 15-minute time limit


  1. This match runs like a basic FFA match. Set goals to get to 30 kills.
  2. At the end of each round, the person with the most deaths or lowest score is eliminated.
  3. Each round will have a different or specific weapon type chosen. That is the ONLY weapon to be used that round.
    1. A good example of this is: 1st match – Shotguns, 2nd Match – Snipers.
    2. This is to mirror how the Gun Game type of match works.
  4. Once the lobby is down to the final 3, you will play one last match with either knives and hatchets. Members can also play with the “anything goes” style.
  5. You can also go to “Edit Game Rules” and disable custom classes to force members to use premade classes.
    1. Only one premade class is to be allowed per round.

Article by: KSI Skarzx 77

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