Check out the new forums awards, brought to you by AAP!

How much more exciting can it be?

In an attempt to bring more people to the forums, and to the Awards and Achievements Program section of the forums, AAP has announced some new awards for KSIForums.org! Obviously, this was a fantastic idea as members are flooding in to get their new medals.


Forums activity based awards:

Enlightenment – Have 250 reputation on the forums.

Nirvana – Have 500 reputation on the forums.

Friendly – “Won the day” on the forums 3 times.

Approachable – “Won the day” on the forums 5 times.

People Magnet – “Won the day” on the forums 10 times.

AAP activity based awards:

Pave the Way – Nominate 15 members for AAP awards.

Take the Plunge – Nominate 30 members for AAP awards.

Clan ops based awards:

Rebounder – Bring back a squad from the brink of death 25 or less to 40+ in the period of a month. Given to all officer in the squad SSGT to Gen (Includes Co-Fos that are acting Gens)

Novice Recruiter – Recruited (or aided) 30 recruitments. *subject to change over time* (Must have Cofounder or higher witness to this.)

Pro Recruiter – Recruited (or aided) 60 recruitments. *subject to change over time* (Must have Cofounder or higher witness to this.

Department ops based awards:

Capped out – Member has reached the department cap.

Get on over to the AAP section now!

Awards await you. Make sure to follow the format and rules for posting award nominations, otherwise the thread will be closed.

Awards and Achievements Program

Guide to the AAP Department

Link to Forums Account:

Copy and paste that format into a new topic, only after reading the Guide to the AAP Department!

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